Tuesday, August 31, 2010


4 Dead Jews for Peace

angry commentary by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Breaking News (YNet) – 4 Jewish civilians brutally slaughtered driving home near Kiryat Arba, including pregnant women.  Kill shots used to finish them off.

This is how the Palestinians start peace negotiations…

- The Prime Minister declares he’s not really authorized or has the authority to speak for his people.  But he better get what he wants if Israel wants peace.

- Another minister declares Israel better give everything or they’re return to war.

- Another faction commits a war crime by killing 4 Jewish Israeli civilians, including pregnant women.  (This evening a family was brutally slaughtered, including after action kill shots, on their way home near Kiryat Arba.  While not yet mentioned, the weapons used were most likely transferred to the Palistinian Authority for public policing purposes by the United States of America – and the training in their use provided by the United States Central Intelligence Agency. {Not a conspiracy theory, publically available information.})

Once again Jews are literally spilling their blood for an enemy who has NEVER demonstrated a desire for peace or taken ANY positive steps of their own towards it.

I speak now as an Israeli Jewish citizen to the Prime Minister (of Israel) – Mr. Netanyahu, show them there is a price for failing to control their violence (if that’s what happened, judging them for the best and assuming it wasn’t an intentional government planned action).  Walk away from the talks for the 30 day mourning period.  THERE MUST BE SOME RESPONSE FOR 7 ORPHANS!  And walking away is the LEAST of the options.

Measures for peace taken by Israel within the past year (under strong diplomatic pressure from the U.S.A.)…

  • Since the beginning of 2010, 60 roadblocks have been removed. 16 checkpoints remain in the West Bank, all of them regularly open.
  • Road number 443 has opened for Palestinian traffic.
  • 50% increase since 2009 of permits issued to enter Israel.
  • In the first half of 2010, there has been a 15% increase for Palestinian patients receiving medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. 82,058 of these permits were issued; 14,675 of which were issued for children.
  • 11% increase of the number of trade permits issued for entry to Israel. In the first half of 2010, 22,910 trade permits were issued, compared to 20,503 trade permits issued during the same period last year. 500 additional permits were issued to merchants to enter Israel.
  • 78% increase in vehicle imports to the West Bank in the first half of 2010 compared to the first half of 2009.
  • 2.7% increase in the al-Quds stock market index for the first half of 2010, while unemployment decreased by 3% in the first quarter of 2010
  • 3,000 housing units were built for a new city in the Ramallah district.
  • 6 Palestinian Security Forces battalions and 150 civil defense personnel have been coordinated for special training in Jordan.
  • There have been regular joint meetings between heads of the Palestinian Security Forces and the IDF Central Command. In addition, there have been joint Israeli and Palestinian police and firefighters’ meetings.

The result?  Peace?  Not exactly.  Death…

- Four Israelis were murdered in a terrorist drive-by-shooting attack on route 60 near Qiryat Arba, east of Hebron, tonight, August 31st, 2010. Two men and two women, one of whom was pregnant, from the nearby community of Bet Hagay, were the victims of this deadly attack.

- Two months ago, on June 6th, 2010,  an Israeli police officer was murdered by Palestinian gunmen in a similar attack near Al Fawwar, south of Hebron, on the same route 60.

- On February 2nd, 2010, an IDF Non-Commisioned Officer (NCO), Sergeant 1st class Ihab Hattib was killed by a Palestinian terrorist while stopped in his vehicle at a traffic light in the Tapuah junction, south of Nablus.

Yay for peace! (Not.)


  1. The Torah clearly states that Yishmael was a wild-ass of a man. Violence is in his blood. We have seen an illustration of this once again tonight. The Israeli government should not even negotiate with these animals. First of all, all the goyim know in their hearts that Israel belongs to the Jews, and that the so-called Palestinians are only trying to steal our Land to weaken us militarily. Second, why should we enter negotiations that only compromise our security. Indeed, the State of Israel is so small that giving any amount of Land to the arabs will make it very difficult if not impossible to defend our country. I wish that Netanyahu and those other hot shots that follow him around would start to listen to reason, but I doubt it. They're too busy bending over backwards to please the goyim.

  2. Good ! israel doesnt wake up Hashem please dont bring mashiach destroy the jews ! isnt that we read that avraham and israel desired for there sins after all ! the above is what I feel like saying but I wont because the gra and ramchal who I learn in dept has mercy on us despite collectively !!!!! not having fought the erev rav in zion but blessed the erev rav in zion !!!! these tragedies are all a result of oslo and the death of a pregnant woman fearing for her life and families and unborn childs are the result of the insanity of the jewish nation ! the insanity of the jewish nation !

  3. R' Akiva, I know that you're upset. Who isn't!? Enough is enough, already! If we're all chelek Elokim, then let's stop killing each other!

    Sadly, the only way for a government (or authority) to control violence is via a Police State, much like the one that the Bush Admin took out in Iraq, while they laid the foundations for one of their own here in the States.

    Yes, sectarian and ethnic violence can be curbed, but it comes with a heavy price tag attached.

    People claim that they don't want to live under an Orwellian regime and the supporters of the oppressed will complain about "human rights violations," but, at the end of the day, we just set ourselves up for a Police State when we look to governments for an answer and/or a "final solution."

    Governments can't fix or tame the Yetzer HaRa!!! Nor do they wish to! The Lords of Chaos are a bunch of self-serving, insecure men. The only way that they can maintain their power is to allow or create pockets of chaos.

    In so doing, the people are kept off balance, up-in-arms, frustrated and they are forced to turn to their so-called "leaders" for solutions.

    Ergo, the root cause of all our problems - our individual and collective Yetzer HaRa - is never addressed and we must live with geo-political and/or socio-economic Band-Aid solutions, which aren't solutions at all!

    Read Niccolò Machiavelli's book "The Prince". This is State-Craft 101! And we foolishly continue to enable and bolster the Establishment and their System!

    And, since HaKodesh Baruch Hu doesn't want to fund His own Kingship with the same kind of cashflow He provides to the Lord of Chaos and their minions ... I can only assume that HaShem is content with the status quo.

    In short, if HaShem wants the world to be repaired, then He should see to it that the necessary funds are made available to those who are willing to repair the world. Personally, I don't see this happening! Do you!?

    In the words of Rod Tidwell (played by actor Cuba Gooding Jr.), "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"

  4. Crazy, a government sets a tone and puts in place encouragements or discouragements from certain types of activity.

    Example - in Israel people that talk about violent nationalist acts get called in for questioning and some harassment, and investigation to see if they've taken any steps beyond talk. Government message - that kind of position is discouraged.

    Among the Palestinians talk of attacking Jews is constant on their media and put out by their government ministers. Message - killing Jews is a positive thing to be striven for.

    No police state necessary to set the tone.

  5. so sad,

    May this Rosh hashana our tefilos have a good impact in bringing the geula closer.

  6. R' Akiva writes, "... a government sets a tone and puts in place encouragements or discouragements from certain types of activity.... No police state necessary to set the tone."

    True enough! I agree! And the "tone" at present is just perpetuating the "status quo," which means continued funding to the PA leadership and the Israeli leadership. Why would either side wish to see peace when facilitating Arab-Israeli tensions guarantees them job security and profit?

    Nothing is being done to address the root cause of all our problems; hence, we're given Band-Aid solutions.

    At this stage in the game, a full-on Police State isn't required or desired by the Israeli government or the PA. It's enough for them to allow pockets of chaos to erupt and keep the venom flowing. They bomb you; you bomb them and the money continues to flow. That's all that really matters to these Lords of Chaos on both sides!

    Do governments really care about the welfare of their people? Look at Gush Katif! Look at the textile plant in Dimona! Crumbs from their table doesn't make for much of a meal, but it's enough to keep the masses pacified and powerless.

    The only geo-political answer to these current "pockets of chaos" is the Two State Solution and by that I mean Jordan for the Arabs and Israel for the Jews.

    Why? Because even a full-blown Israeli Police State wouldn't be able to tame the Yetzer HaRa of Hamas and their ilk. And sleeping with the enemy, even with one eye open, isn't going to prevent Jewish civilians from being brutally slaughtered.

    So, why isn't HaShem funding His Own Kingship and the mussar factories, if you will, that alone can address the root cause of our problems? I'd really like to know, because right now ... it seems to me like HaShem is only interested in funding and supporting the Lords of Chaos and their "status quo" regimes.

    The only real solution is for EVERYONE to tame their Yetzer HaRa, no? The sooner we do that ... the sooner we'll see the Final Redemption, no? I honestly don't know. You tell me. I'm totally confused at this point. It seems to me like HaShem just doesn't care.

  7. Akiva, you are right, any of the sheeple that are vocal get a medical exam from the 'thought' police to ensure they line up for the mass suicide. Even they would prefer to be murdered and see other Jews murdered instead of defending themselves or defending emet.

    What is sad, is when for example R. Ovadia Yosef speaks out the media hammers him. Sadder is when no one else does the same in mass. Tell the truth about the invented political movement and the invented people. The rabbi's are silent. Ok, let the state self destruct and resurrect when the Mashiach arrives, but Jews are dying in the mean time. We are not to be silent in such a case.

    The good old USA is behind much of this as they have been throughout it's history contrary to what bs the media has sold everyone.

    The bottom line is, we are watching in slow motion the world attempting to finish us off. Do you want to be part of that?

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Why did you remove the post ? doesnt the prophet zechariah say as quoted recentely by several tzaddikim that Hashem will destroy 2/3 of those in Israel ?! is that not a prophecy ? and , the way the left has destroyed judaism isnt this prophecy getting more real by the day ?and , a true prophets words arent sometimes very nice witness jeremiah on the korban ,there are several negative prophecies about am yisrael in the torah . The fake prophets used to say everything will be fine , let us hear good tidings . Do you want to save the wicked in israel at the expense of rightousness and truth your love for the wicked then is no different then jesuses and the messianic jews , theres no emet !

  10. Negative prophecies in the 12 minor 3 major and 5 books of moses dont have to materilize we have free will to change it . but dont we ALL every segment of orthodox jewry have to wake up already to the madness of oslo over the daily daf and how many children "I" have ! we must wake up lest God forbid a negative prophecy like in zechariah can ever materialize God forbid . On the other hand all positive prophecies regarding the jews have to be fullfilled no matter what says the Talmud .

  11. When I was in the military, the back-office tasked us with keeping our vehicles and facilities clean, in addition to our normal night-shift security duties and training requirements, etc.

    For this tasking we were given a busted vacuum cleaner (that blew out more dust than it sucked in), a toilet brush, a few paper towels, some trash bags, a garden hose and water. We had five buildings and twelve vehicles that needed to be cleaned each and every night. How did we manage with such limited supplies and no funding?

    Mostly, I purchased the proper supplies and I helped my troops with the cleaning. Before the back-office boys came to work each morning the day-shift troops would arrive and they usually trashed the guardmount room before they relieved us.

    What area did the commander inspect each morning? The guardmount room, of course! Was it clean? Nope! It had been trashed by the day-shift troops. Who got the blame? The night-shift troops, of course, because it was our task to keep everything clean. Pfft....

    With HaShem not providing us with the proper supplies and funding ... I trust that come Judgment Day HaKodesh Baruch Hu won't be like my old commander.

    One does what one can with what little one is given. Imagine what could be accomplished if we were properly supplied and well funded. Who knows? We might be able to actually repair this world, no? As is...? I don't see how this is even possible. Do you?


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