Thursday, July 01, 2010


Where's it coming from???

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

Know that whatever we experience, no matter in which form it presents itself and particularly from your immediate family and especially from your wife are all a direct communication from Hashem, and they are our prophecy if we would but understand this and decode it we could walk through life effortlessly avoiding untold stress and damages.

It is by these communications that we receive our mission orders. It is precisely in this manner that we interface and receive the tools we need to achieve our spiritual perfection. A monk on the mountain attains little in the way of spiritual perfection; there is no one to strive with. This life we live is our link of prophecy.

If we find ourselves faced by contradictory messages in life that is just the way that creation has been designed to give us the appearance of free will and thereby test us.

All of this relates to why the study of Shulchan Aruch is emphasized so strongly by Rebbe Nachman, “A Halachic decision brings peace”. This resolution of conflict in general is what brings shefa into our lives and the world in general. It brings inner peace and resolve to all one’s conflicts, both internal and external.

This resolution removes “the divided heart” which produces instability. For “when Hashem is pleased with a person’s ways, even his enemies” – the Yeitzer and his thoughts, which twist us and bend us- “even his enemies will make peace with him.”

And with this peace we will be full of joy and thanksgiving and will merit the full redemption.


  1. Very nice Reb Nati. It IS important that husband listen to wife, and wife listen to husband. The resolution between them is the Shalem. Guidance from Hashem comes from many sources, and we should try to go with a humble heart, a receptive heart, to hear when a message comes to us.

  2. Deep! This is one to chew on. I hear what you're getting at. I'm just not sure how to apply it in my case. Good message and timely. Thanks!


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