Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sky Scraping

by Reb Akiva

I pass through Ramat Gan occasionally for work, and I continue to be impressed by the cluster of sky scrapers in the area.  Israeli’s honestly have a lot of fun with architecture.  Sometimes it even works.

In Ramat Gan there’s one cluster of about 8 business buildings on one side of the street, and a cluster of another 4 or 5 across the street (with 3 being residential)…

The two on the right are residential, and there’s an olympic sized swimming pool on top of that 4 story parking garage!  (Can only be seen from above.)



And these are some of the buildings in the primary cluster…


This is the ABGD building (Hebrew version of ABCD…why ABCD? No idea.).


And this is the Harel Insurance building…


Don’t let the angle of my pictures fool you, these buildings are BIG!


The other side of the complex has a theatre (plays, not movies) and a row of cafe’s under that overhang.


And stores, famous Israeli stores…


or not.


  1. What kind of businesses are in those bldgs? Are they hi-tech? Lawyers? Is this the 'leftist' center of their business-world?

  2. Insurance, the phone company, diamond industry, law offices, import/export, financial companies (stock trading, investments), etc.

    This is not a hi-tech industry area.


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