Wednesday, July 21, 2010



“Some 40 percent of all Americans have been directly touched by the recession in terms of lost jobs, pay cuts or reduced hours.” – CNBC

The empty consumer culture is being forced to change.  Not that you’d know it from celebrity news and advertisements for useless stuff.  (Example – Old Spice is wondering how it is that it has the #1 viral commercial yet sales for “Male Body Wash” have fallen by 7%.  Maybe because it costs $5 while a bar of “deodorant fresh smelling” soap (name brand) is $0.72?)

“This new consumer no longer laughs at Depression-era grannies who reuse wrapping paper and gift boxes, and stash Sweet 'n Low and condiment packets in the cupboard. They are too busy re-washing their plastic baggies to use in the lunches they bring to work.”

Is that a bad thing to not waste things that can be reused? To not load up on excess packaging and excess products of questionable value (at best)?  (Chest deodorant?)  Oh and we might save the environment, and our bank balances, along the way?

Refocusing on what’s important has become the driver of the day.  And that’s not a bad thing.  Values, people, faith, nature.  Things money never could buy.

Shhhh, don’t let the politicians or the CEO’s know I said that.


Crazy Smade said...

Like I said before, unemployment isn't at 9-10%. It's more like 25-30%.

But that's what happens when the economy is based on War Corporatism. How many times has America repeated the cycle of creating a monster, slaying a monster, resurrecting and "befriending" a monster?

Our current monster? China, of course. No worries! The war machine and the factories will be booming again once our "brave" leaders have their slaves go forth to slain the Dragon. However, first they've got to let the Dragon get big and fat, which means taking food out of the mouth of Americans in order to feed this Chinese Dragon.

What else does one expect from a country that's run by the souls of the chutzpah filled 974 generations that preceded Adam HaRishon?

neshama said...

I feel very bad for the 'average' american who lives a moral life, raises children, sends them off to protect america, luzes some, and then one of the breadwinners loses his/her job and faces ugly ramifications. It's not these middle americans that need to cut back or suffer thru a depression/repression.

It's the spoiled throw-away over-indulgent citizens that could learn alot from 'lifestyle-conservation'. And unfortunately, this includes my 'sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles' .... Like you said, "focusing on what is important" should be the ikkar, the main thing.

Funny, how Hashem puts the breaks on a runaway-generation.

PS Thought the hard part was finished, but no, there is still so much to be done.

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