Saturday, July 03, 2010

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Occasional Shortcut


Sometimes people take shortcuts to get things done.  Risks are ignored or not even considered in the first place, the steps necessary to make it happen are completed

Sometimes this is ok, occasionally even meritorious.  (And in Israel, somewhat of a cultural habit.)  As a regular way of doing things though, it’s not good for oneself, not good for those around, and worst of all for younger people learning from you.  Young people may see your shortcuts and assume that’s the normal way, and compound your shortcut with new ones of their own

This is true in the physical world, and even more so in the spiritual world.  The ‘long shorter way’ isn’t the shortcut.

(Animated Photo – A factory next to a building I was in, stacking barrels free-form using a forklift to catch the edge of the barrel.  The blue barrels are only a corrosive toxic cleaning fluid.  But the green barrel being carried is a class 3 flammable liquid.  If it falls and spills the result would not be pleasant.)


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