Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Major Warning!!!!!!!

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

For those that follow the Geulah (redemption) oriented Jewish blogs and those that run similar email lists, there’s been an increasing bit of chatter regarding impending (doom / war / holocaust / Gog u’Magog).  Here’s a smattering:

- “Rav Eliezer Berland Shlit"a, one of the elder Breslov rabbis, told his students to travel to Uman and pray for Am Yisrael until the 22nd of Av (the night of August 1st, 2010), which is when war with Iran is supposed to break out.”

- “The Milkman (a kabbalist) said that all signs are pointing toward war, and we must pray for Am Yisrael to avoid it.”

- “The well-known tzaddik Rav Dov Kook shlit'a of Tiberias said recently: "No one takes Iran seriously and we need to daven so their will not be another holocaust, G-d forbid."”

- “It is said in this past week’s broadcast shiur that Rav Shalom Arush, shlita, Breslover Tzaddik, said we must all strengthen our emunah and do teshuva immediately to prevent tragedy.” (not an exact quote)

These are but a few of the quotes from gedolim or mekubalim currently floating around.  Some of them are harsher and scarier.

So what do we do?  Build an underground N.B.C. bunker and stock it?  Run and hide?  (Though the Yalkut Shimoni tells us when these things start to happen we will cry out “where can we run, where can we hide?”)  Freak out for tomorrow we die?

The answer to all the above is no.  The Geulah hype cycle can bite you and destroy your day to day life, and even your emunah and yiddishkeit, if you’re not careful.  There is no navi in this generation, no one knows what will be tomorrow.  Yes, there may be tzaddikim with ruach hakodesh who can give hints and try to lead us to correction.  But it’s not the same thing as a prophecy of what’s going to happen tomorrow.

If you want to help with the spiritual situation right now and possibly help head off negative events that may happen, here’s an action plan:

#1 Invoke Their Merit!  During the time of the 9 days the Accuser gains a louder voice.  We must be sure to speak of each other’s merits, of the Jewish people’s merits, of our friend’s merits, and even of our Jewish enemy’s merits!  We must silence the accuser by speaking ONLY of a Jew’s merits during this time!  (And most of the time BTW.)

#2 More Mitzvot, Specifically Those that Help Others!  During the 9 days we must show our ahavas yisroel by increasing in those mitzvot that help our fellow.  A bit more charity, doing a favor for someone, helping out someone needy, helping at a charity organization.  Every mitzvah of ahavas yisroel helps drown out the accuser.

#3 Learn Torah focused on The Redemption and the Belief in the Redemption.  During the 9 days we must show Hashem we believe and we’re ready, and this is how we do it.

What not to do:

A – Speak ill of another Jew, Jewish group, Jewish organization, Jewish neighborhood, etc.  We’ve all got faults, don’t make the Accuser’s case for him.  Rather, judge with a good eye and try to understand the circumstances behind their very human failings.

B – Be terrified.  “All that I’ve done I’ve done for you.” (Yalkut Shimoni, Yishayahu Remez 499)  Even seemingly negative events are leading to the redemption.

C – Stop our lives, jobs, shuls, charity organizations, etc.  If every round of geulah hype was true, we’d all have sold everything and be just sitting around waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  And thereby losing TODAY as an opportunity to do more mitzvot, to learn more Torah, to help each other.  Make a difference today and it WILL be a better tomorrow.


neshama said...

Wow, I needed this.
We have been thru this doom and gloom reports many times over the recent years, and no one knows if it was our teshuva/tehillim/tefilos that helped put 'whatever' off.
Thank you so much; The kind tohacha is well received.

Shiloh said...

You are right, no one knows. But there, as there have been before many signals throughout history. Let's hope this is it. And if it is, it will be too late for the Jews in the galut. Catch 22!

Its a good article Akiva. The posts you deleted of mine did mention the good too. We don't need to focus on repairing the good, but repairing the breaches. It's a hard pill to swallow and the good far outweighs any of our shortfalls, without a doubt.

HaShem has sent us the answer before the problem exists. He will reveal it when He chooses. If He has sent the answer, then we merit it. That right there is a Divine understanding of our human failures.

Again, good article, have a wonderful evening.

Crazy Smade said...

So what do we do? Build an underground N.B.C. bunker and stock it?
The Boy Scout motto is "Be prepared!" But who has the money to build and stock anything these days? If you weren't working on this ten years ago, then you can forget it. Besides, even if you had and you're a non-Jew doing this in the US, then after the dust settles the government will just crawl out of their deep underground military bases and enslave you anyways. Why bother?

Stop our lives, jobs, shuls, charity organizations, etc.
Who has a life, a job, a shul or the money to give to charitable organizations? All I can do is sit around and wonder where and when and why the relationship with HaShem went south. I guess it's time to reap what we've sown. :( Too bad I wasn't a better farmer, but then I wasted too much time trying to find a "people" to hook up with. Oh well....

Shlomo said...

hey I have some 'insider' info...

There is nistar yamenite tzaddik very old, over 90.. Well known ruach hakodesh.

As of a couple weeks ago:

He told my father-in-law in person, that yes there was a gezerah, a million jews would of died, BUT

With the passing of R Mordechai Eliyahu, he was a korban, and completed the 'tikkun' to fix this, so there will not be a war.

That is what he said, he has a reputation for being correct... This just means we gain extra mitzvos when we do thing for Hashem without feeling there is impending doom..

it goes back to the principle of:

Har Sinai vs Purim - accepting the Torah by force vs By our will

Will yourself to strengthen in Torah!

Saidou said...

Jewish leaders should stop scaring us like this. Time and time again we hear of an impending catastrophe, or an impending war, or even worse an impending holocaust. There is a huge teshuva movement around the world today, so I seriously doubt anything bad will happen. Ha-shem loves the Jewish people and he will never let anyone hurt us again. The Jewish people already paid high enough a price during the Shoah. And look at the strides we have made since then in Avodat Ha-shem. The only thing I foresee for the Jewish people in the near future is great Simcha with the coming of the Moshiach and the building of the Third Temple.

Anonymous said...

Torah Code table "Atomic Iran 5770; Magog; Islam.." The encoding of 5770 intersects the encoding of Atomic Iran. I hope shlomo's comment is correct.

Zvika said...

Sorry I've been slacking in keeping up my unofficial watchdog capacity ;c) (I kid), finals have had me bogged down and off the computer. Just a few comments:

1) Unfortunately there is a growing doom-and-gloom movement, particularly amongst the Bratzlaver Chassidim that is quite disturbing. I'm sorry if that offends people and especially those who run this blog, but that is where a lot of these "predictions" are coming from.

2) WIll there be a war? Who knows. But I'm getting our gas masks just in case.

3) I've said this numerous times on this blog - and on other blogs as well - and I'll say it yet again: These predictions become tiring after a while, especially if they do not come true.

4) Most of the people who are making these predictions are Kabbalists. I don't care what kind of mysticism is in Kabbalah, this is a dangerous tool to use, especially if you intend to have Ruach HaKodesh. While what they say is important, I think - like Shiloh - we need to fix our problems. I don't think that Kabbalists should be making whatever it is they've seen known until they have clarified it multiple times. Since we don't have a Navi, this is important because these predictions can seriously threaten people's adherence to Torah. That's why so many Poskim, Rishonim and Acharonim had issues with predicting events related to the Keitz.

5) It's quite easy to run search algorithms and find codes in the Torah. It's also quite easy to interpret those codes to your liking. Just because your found something encoded in the torah, this doesn't necessarily mean it's true and will happen. If that were the case, I could treat the Torah as a word search, look for words that intersect and make my own predictions. I'm not saying that is what happens and it is quite chutzpadik to do so, but it doesn't take much to go down that path. I personally have an interest in where there are big and small letters in Tanach because I have an interest in differences in Nusach and Mesorah. However, since we can interpret these codes any way we want, it would be a good idea to just drop it altogether.

6) My pet peeve, the autistic children. Qualification - I do not hate autistic children. That's ridiculous and who could hate a child who is unfortunately in such a terrible situation? My pet peeve is the supposed predictions, which have yet to come true. Thankfully this blog does not give them much credence (in addition to which relying on anything they say may be considered a form of witchcraft, as it happens), but a lot of what the doom-and-gloom people say is backed up by whatever message the autistic children come up with. In addition, the people spreading these messages have said that they are Nevi'im - this is a big mistake as there are no Nevi'im today! While these children may indeed be able to "see" things we cannot, we have been warned not to take what they say to heart as we rely on Rabbanim for guidance in Halacha and in living a proper Jewish life.

One, last thing: Davening at Kivrei Tzaddikim is a good thing, so long as you aren't praying to the grave itself. I will not cast judgment upon fellow Jews, but it's not so clear all of the time who they are in fact praying to - the holy man buried there or HaShem.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the best thing is to improve ourselves and also pray in order to help things go smoothly

Chaim Shalom said...

the Rebbe said there will not be another holocaust and that the future exile will be bought in chen v'chesed. it a mitzvah to publicize this known fact because it breeds strength and hope as we land into the Promise Land. without the Rebbe's Torah's how can you survive all this?

Anonymous said...

You can't truly believe the Torah codes are coincidental. There are dozens of accurate codes with such precision. Yes, if you discover an encoding before it happens, that means it's only a possibility, but I think it would be foolish to simply dismiss it and not think of it as a warning.
As for the big and small letters in the Tanach, if you look at the end of Malachi ch. 3, verse 22 starts with a large zayin (number 7). 7 skips after the large zayin, you have an encoding of tav shin ayin ,770, with one skip between each letter. Not only that, but the word with the large zayin, zichru, has a numerical value of 233. That was the age of the USA during most of (5)770 until a couple of weeks ago. Surely this is not a coincidence! Perhaps this is a hidden prophecy that the USA would last through the end of age 233 as it just has, and then...............(?)

Anonymous said...

Every word of the Torah is true. What we are missing is knowing "WHEN" events will happen. Many well-meaning people/Rabbis make insane predictions Recall President G W Bush was suposedly "Gog" and was going to invade? I told people it sounded absurd but people said "no, I heard it from Rav...fill in"
Ditto all the anti-Obam,a nonsense. No he is not someone bent on invading. He is not gog he has no hatred for israel this is also insane. Yes, the Geula will happen, the Temple will be rebuilt, Gog Magog attack will be repulsed, etc but we have no idea when.

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