Friday, July 02, 2010


Just a Quick Israeli City Pic


I arrived a bit early for a business appointment, which gave me a chance to whip out the camera.  Ramat Gan business district.  Rather interesting is dead center in the distance, an “older Israel” 4 story apartment building sitting among the glass towers.

Click on it to see a large view.

By special request, I’ve blown up 2 areas of the original picture.  The first is the old Israel apartment building in the center of the towers. 

The second is the restaurant sign advertisement, which by my US multi-cultural sensibilities just makes me cringe every time I see it.  It’s an Israeli national chain of Moroccan semi-fast-food restaurants (all locations kosher, some glatt kosher).




neshama said...

Have you gone commercial with your photos yet? For: Real Estate, Business Developers, Travel, Historical, for Prints to Sell? Other people do it, online.

Beautiful color, great picture. That is interesting, a little of the old Israel. The owner is holding out for bigger NIS. Can you could enlarge the old bldg a bit more, hard to see its features? If not, ok.

Sometimes the 'word verification' matches the theme of the blog, very uncanny!

neshama said...

sorry about that 'can you could' editing blip.

neshama said...

Maybe if they washed that old building it would not look so bad. I feel sorry for the tenants, that is if anyone is living/working there.

Is that Obama eyeing that Pinati?
He is know to sneak out of the WH for a burger or two!

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