Thursday, July 29, 2010


Israel Views: Tel Aviv High View

photos by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

At the end of the Bnei Brak industrial park are two high rise buildings.  I had a business meeting at the top of one, which gave me an opportunity to break out the camera and get some great high views of Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan…

Looking north-west we see the Ramat Gan park and water park, soccer stadium to the right, a large mall to the right of that.  Further in the distance on the right is Kiryat Atidim (the “Future Park” business complex).  In the distance in the middle is Ramat Gan residential towers.


Looking north-east, we see more of the Ramat Gan park, an outdoor concert area, and Tel Aviv in the distance.


Looking directly east (literally hanging the camera out a window – in Israel the skyscrapers have windows that open!) we can get a glimse of the sea in the distance.  It was a dusty/hazy day, so the distance view isn’t great.


This last view is through a window (hence some reflection) and shows residential apartment/condo buildings of Bnei Brak with Tel Aviv a few miles in the distance.


As you can see, the Ramat Gan side of things is much greener and pretty.  And (not surprisingly) more expensive.  It was built as a suburb, whereas Bnei Brak was built as a city neighborhood (even though they all back up against each other into the Tel Aviv Metroplex).


  1. But the Sea is in the West

  2. First picture is of Ganei Yehoshua and Ramat HaChayal, for the record.


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