Thursday, July 01, 2010

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How To Search For Spiritual Awareness

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

When you say, “G-d created the Universe,” you are talking about G-d. When you say, “G-d, You created the Universe,” you are talking to G-d. Both perspectives are proper, but the, “G-d created the Universe” perspective is intellectual, while the, “G-d, You created the Universe” perspective is spiritual.

We can do a mitzvah without even thinking about what we are doing. Actually, we do some mitzvahs so often that many of us frequently do them this way. For instance, it is very easy to give tzedaka (charity) automatically, without paying any attention at all.

Or, we can do a mitzvah and think about the reasons why we are doing it. We might think that we are doing the mitzvah because we have been commanded to do it, which is certainly true. Or, we might think that we have to do a mitzvah in order to be “religious,” or to be counted as a member of the community, which are also true. Maybe, we do it because we know that mitzvahs bring rewards. There are many reasons to do a mitzvah, but all of these reasons are logical, intellectual reasons, not spiritual reasons.

A spiritual way to think when doing a mitzvah is to try to become aware of how the world is changing when you do that mitzvah. How does my putting on tefillin change the world? There has to be some change somewhere, or else there would be no reason for G-d to command it. While doing each mitzvah, look again and again, and try to see what changes it brings to the world.

When we say, “G-d created…,” grammatically, we are speaking in the “third person.” This means that we are speaking about the Subject. When we say, “G-d, You created…,” we are speaking in the “second person,” which means that we are speaking directly to the Subject.”

Thinking why we are doing the mitzvah is like speaking in the “third person,” as if we are talking about spirituality. Thinking about the changes each mitzvah brings into the world is like speaking in the “second person,” as if we are speaking spiritually.

The heights of spiritual awareness are almost endless, certainly beyond anyone’s imagination. Do not be satisfied with the elevated awareness that you might experience when you first begin. Seek again and again. Go deeper and deeper, and you will go higher and higher.

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  1. See? This is the kind of stuff that I need to listen to 24/7. This is the kind of teachings that I need to be immersed in. I really do.... And people wonder why I want to convert to Judaism and move to a place where others actually think and speak about such things; where this kind of spirituality is not only internalized, but actualized!? ::::dreamy sigh:::: Outstanding post! :) Thanks!


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