Thursday, July 15, 2010


The Great Sell Out

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

The Persians are known to be shrewd business men.  This is a hostile takeover.

It is ever increasingly hard not to notice the hype in the news. But we must read between the lines. There is a sellout of the Jews to the world and it is happening right under our noses. The world wants Jerusalem and the Israeli government wants a nuke free Iran, as they are afraid of Iran instead of fearing Hashem. This is known as fallen fear, when we are afraid of anything besides Hashem.

Our lack of trust is causing us to edge ever so closely to a catastrophe. There is a heretical belief that we can solve this mess with politics and arms and military and money. But I tell you, there is no financial or military or political solution to this very spiritual problem.

If we were to but stop and wait a minute for our heads to clear and think about it from the viewpoint of truth then we would as Jews come to the proper conclusion.  That is, it is all our fault and only we can fix it by listening to the words of the Torah and the tzaddikim - who have and are telling us to do t’shuvah and return to the ways of Hashem.

If we convince ourselves that the news and the politicians are telling the truth, then we are saying Hashem is a liar!  Yet it is so hard to understand this from the real perspective.  Reflect upon it from the words of our sages and we will see the reality sneaking up on us at a rapid pace.

Let’s be totally honest. I mean, we are family, right?  I’m not being dooms day,  I’m being real.  What has any of the natural solutions done for us? Nothing! Has any one of the false messiahs helped us at all? Are we free of trouble?  Has any one of these self imposed holy agendas benefitted anyone but the ultra rich or power elites that think they run the world?

How long are you going to listen and watch the lies before you scream enough! Do not your ears ring and your head spin because of the lies? We need to free ourselves from the tyranny of the media and start to return to the truth! We were entrusted with the most precious document ever, the Torah of Truth. And in it is all the olds of the past as well as the news of the future. Where else do we need to look? Our Father in Heaven told us a long time ago how it was going to be.  Do we think we can change it with lame lies and twisted thinking?

The generation of the tower of Bavel did the same “we are going to outsmart Hashem and make a war on Him”.

It says in psalms: why do you oh nations gather and roar, they are coming together to wage war on Hashem. They want nothing less than to destroy every last trace of him in this world - meaning us and our way of life clinging to Hashem for everything.  They are fueled by the lust for what is not theirs “the birth right and the blessing of our father Yaakov!

And we feed them all. With our arrogance “I did it! With the strength of me right arm!” And our demand for ‘no rules - only freedom’, “who is Hashem to tell me what to do?” And worse yet our heretical ideology that we can conceive a solutions to the living hell we have made of Hashem’s gift to us.

We must detoxify our minds and spirits by shutting off the council of the snake, the news media “ there is a hint here, media and Persia”. For if we are polluted by the council of the snake we have been intellectually impregnated by him. For he is the essence of the lie and it is then impossible to have a relationship with Hashem as the two cannot be together.

Ah, perhaps you react that I’m being a simpleton, a primitive.  Yet it’s when we’re ensnared by the media that we’ve gone back to the ways of the earlier generations – saying to themselves that there is no G-d, that by our intellect and might can we rule the world, nay the universe!

“For it is not by the might of man or by the strength of the horse but by the spirit of the living G-d!”

What? Is it so hard to just repent and realize that only by letting Hashem repair this can we make itl. It will be only by His righteous right arm that we are saved from total destruction in the coming future.

Alert! We are in need of emergency repentance and prayer!  You retort, ‘who are you to tell us anything?’

It will only be by the truth EMES that we will be saved. And Emes is Emunah, Emunah is zedek justice. So only by emunah can we exercise justice and thus come to the truth. Only by keeping that which they wish to eradicate can we achieve this. For in truth it is only by these Mishpatim that we are to place in front of them. (Shemos 21:1) We are to place the laws of Hashem in front of them and rule them by these righteous laws. Yet we are not and that is why we are in trouble with our neighbors’ to this very day.

Know that the essential reason for the exile is nothing more than a lack of Emunah, faith. And faith is prayer, for without prayer there is no faith. There is no need for faith in the natural, only in the supernatural is there a need for there to be faith. If you can grasp it with your intellect then there is no need for faith because you have understanding of it. And the need for Emunah is only where you cannot grasp it at all, it is above natural order of things.

We see that prayer is the only way to change nature, prayer corresponds to miracles - the supernatural. For prayer transcends nature.  The natural course dictates a certain thing, but prayer changes natures course. And for this, one needs faith for one must believe in the Creator or Originator.  For only He can change what He has created at will. No human can save us, no strategy can win, and no plan can conquer.

Now the essence of prayer and faith is the land of Israel (psalms 37:3) “Dwell in the land and cultivate Emunah.” For the land of Israel is the gate to heaven and thus the most conducive to prayer. And here we live by faith and not by natural means, so what makes you think that there is a natural man made solution besides repentance and prayer?

All of our suffering is because of a lack of prayer, Hitbodedut for when we do not pray we descend into the exile of being dealt with like the nations in a physical manner. The final redemption depends of faith which is our prayers and we can only come to prayer by way of the truth.


  1. Great article Nati. Shabbat Shalom

  2. The generation of the tower of Bavel did the same “we are going to outsmart Hashem and make a war on Him”.

    The generation of Babel was not in fact rebelling against Hashem. They actually wanted to get really close to him, not really literally as we are led to believe. Hashem did not like this, it was not according to his plan, so he dispersed that generation.

  3. we need more articles like this, thank you.

  4. This article is very pleasing.

    There are only two things in life; Love and Truth. G-d is Love and lies in the heart of all men. Truth are our actions before Him, whether we choose to accept them or not. Everthing else is a lesser degree of Love and Truth. In regards to Yin and Yang, the line is not horizontal but vertical, with Love and Truth at the pinnacle. May G-d bless us all, and in understanding may we be one again.


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