Thursday, July 08, 2010


Geulah Chat

by Reb Akiva and Dov bar Leib (formerly blogging at End of Days) at Mystical Paths

(Akiva’s chat window tag line) Is it prophetic disaster or a normal economic cycle?

Dov: So, is it prophetic disaster or a normal economic cycle?

Dov: The BP Oil spill is not normal. It is not part of any cycle. The economy would be a different thing if the socialists running America now would allow the free market to work, possibly.

Akiva: yes...but, the US great depression was also an abnormal cycle. So was the start of World War I, but 90 years later we're still geulah-less.

Dov: Keep your eye on Yerushalayim. When they try to divide it, abnormal things will happen. Like the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion. It occurred the day after the Obama Administration said that they would not veto resolutions in the UN Sec. Council condemning Israel. This was all in response to building in East Jerusalem which was condemned by the Obama administration one month before the explosion.  Jerusalem is the key, keep your eye on Yerushalayim.

Akiva: of course Jerusalem is the key. There are a number of explicit events in the Nach (biblical prophecies). I’m waiting for those major signs, as opposed to us digging and trying to correlate every world event with a midrash or talmudic hint.  Doing so only leads us into geulah hype cycles.

Dov: The attempts to separate Klal Yisrael (the people of Israel) from Har HaBayit (the Temple Mount) by the international community will result in catastrophe. More of this will come after the November elections. It should reach a crescendo as Palestinian PM Fayad declares his Palestinian State next year around Rosh Chodesh Av.

Akiva: Yet the city was divided in '48, and you could even say it was the result of the world (via the UN partition plan, which didn't plan on giving Jeru to Israel but to internationalize it).  I know I'm playing devils advocate, but we've done a number of rounds of major geulah hype over the last 10 years, and yet here we are still “moments before the geulah”.

Dov: That’s why it happens when we have given up (Akiva adds - a reference to Gemora Sanhedrin 98b [I think] that says the geulah comes after we despair of it’s coming).  In ‘48 the world did not send troops. They will do so this time to protect the Palestinians from the Jews.

Akiva: good points.

Dov: Just point out that (Palestinian PM) Fayad wants to unilaterally declare the PA State next year with at least 50% of PA Palestinians supporting his initiative. He could change the timeline, but he probably will not. Obama is a one term president. He will want to strike when he knows that he can get American support.


Shiloh said...

In Sanhedrin 98b (I believe, or it's not far off) there is talk of the coming geulah. It speaks of the many cycles that we have had throughout history and there was no geulah. Then it asks what is different. The answer was the coming from heavens. Quite simple really. It's up to the rabbi's to continue now.

By the way, why did your guest stop blogging. It was interesting.

neshama said...

Shiloh, please explain "the answer was the coming from heavens"? The english does not seem to make it clear what you mean.
And, how is it "up to the Rabbis to continue now"?

Remember Aleph Beis Gimmel
Emunah & Bitachon brings the Geulah

The more it gets crazy, the closer we are.

Yehudi Yerushalmi said...


How about a return to blogging.

(I know I'm not the right one to talk)

Shiloh said...

Neshama, there will be signs that come from the heavens (my english was not the best, sorry). Like in the day's of Moshe, there was thunder and lightning for example. That's as far as I will expound. The rabbi's know what the rest is about. Time to head to Israel is the bottom line.

Tuvia said...

Dov, we appreciate your comments and want you to return to your good blog. I think it is time for your return(to your blog) for the Geulah is getting close.

YY said...

"In ‘48 the world did not send troops. They will do so this time to protect the Palestinians from the Jews."

Is there a source for this? And who is "they"? Over a year ago we had a terrorist kill a young man in our yeshuv and the place was crawling with police, military, etc. "They" weren't here to protect us. "They" were here to protect the arabs from us.

If "they" are the nations, there isn't much to worry about. But if "they" are us, we've got what to worry about.

josh said...

I miss Dov bar Leib as well.

I don't see anything wrong with peaking geulah cycles. A)It's very hard to keep excited about everything, even the the happiest Breslover friends of mine have 'regular' periods during their day/. B) Peaks and building excitement are necessary in order to get more more publicity. I got on the geulah bandwagon during one of these peaks, and have not got off. It's definitely about taking two steps forward, and then retreating a step occasionally.

Can you get an interview with Nava? I miss her too. Incredible emunah! I know it influenced/s many.

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