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The Geulah Calculation

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths 
(with a bit of added elucidation by Reb Akiva)

The period of the “End Times” officially begins Monday.  Here’s how I come to this statement:

According to the holy Torah and our holy books, the chachamim (sages) say that each day of the week of creation (from the Torah book of Berashis, parshat Berashis) equates to 1,000 years.  Specifically 1,000 years according to the Hebrew calendar, as calculated by the chachamim from the creation of the world until today per the writings of the holy Torah.

Day of the Week Start Hebrew Year End Hebrew Year
Sunday Year 0, Creation Year 1000 Hebrew / 3240 BCE
Monday Year 1000 Year 2000 Hebrew / 2240 BCE
Tuesday Year 2000 Year 3000 Hebrew / 1240 BCE
Wednesday Year 3000 Year 4000 Hebrew / 240 CE
Thursday Year 4000 Year 5000 Hebrew / 1240 CE
Friday Year 5000 Year 6000 Hebrew / 2240 CE
Shabbos Year 6000 Year 7000 Hebrew / 3240 CE

The current Hebrew year is 5770, which of course is the year 2010 CE.  (Jews don’t use AD and BC, which stand for Xian abbreviations relating to their religions events – CE stands for Common Era and BCE for Before Common Era.)

The Torah mandates that the proper time to say Minchah of Erev Shabbat (the afternoon prayer said on Friday afternoon) is the 18th and a half hour of Yom Shishi – on Friday, the 6th day of the week. (Note that according to the Hebrew calendar, a day starts after nightfall of the day before – meaning Friday starts at nightfall on Thursday night, which is why all Jewish holy days start the night before, which is learned from the Torah itself in parshat Berashis where it says ‘and it was evening and it was morning, one day’.)  The 18th and a half hour is 12:30 PM Friday afternoon (calculating from nightfall of the night before to that 18th hour).

At the time of Mincha Gedola, the earliest time we can pray the afternoon prayer, the influence of the current day begins to wane and the influence of the new day begins to arrive.  On Friday, the time of Mincha Gedola is when we are already coming under the influence of Shabbat, and is therefore when we can formally begin our preparations for Shabbat and begin the connection with the spirituality of that sacred day.  (Such as bathing, going to mikveh, putting on our Shabbos clothes, etc.  Note that many religious Jews have a nice custom to close their businesses as of 12:30 PM on Friday.)

Now according to the cosmic calculations, where a day is 1,000 years, lets calculate exactly when Mincha Gedola of Erev Shabbos is:

Friday = 5000 CE – 6000 CE

Each hour is 1,000 years / 24 = 41.666666 years

The beginning of Friday is Thursday night 6:00 PM = 5000 CE

Friday at 1/2 of the day = 5500 CE

Friday at 3/4 of the day =
   6:00 AM + 6 hours = 5500 + ( (1000/24) * 6) = 5750 CE

Friday at 12:30 PM = 5750 CE + (41.666666/2) = 5770.833333 CE

5770 is the current Hebrew year.

Now lets convert that .833333 – The year has 12 months, Tishrei, Cheshvan, Kislev, Tevet, Shvat, Adar, Nissan, Iyar, Sivan, Tamuz, Av, Elul

10 = 12 months

.833333 = x

10x = 12 * .833333 / 10

x = 0.99999, meaning the 10th month (after finalizing the 10th month)

Tishrei=1, Cheshvan=2, Kislev=3, Tevet=4, Shvat=5, Adar=6, Nissan=7, Iyar=8, Sivan=9, Tamuz=10, Av=11, Elul=12

In other words, it’s Rosh Chodesh Av of the year 5770 when the first moments of the cosmic Mincha Gedola begin.

Therefore the upcoming Rosh Chodesh Av is a very special time for receiving the kedusah (holiness) that emanates from these final moments before the Shabbat of the World, and the first emanations of the kedusah of that Shabbat in preparation for a new Era.

It will be the first moment since Creation that we are getting ready for the Shabbat of the entire Creation.  On this Rosh Chodesh Av (July 12, 2010 starting at nightfall on July 11th) it’s appropriate to  become more ready, more connected and more attached to the Creator of the world.

However, we know that for every positive force in the world there is a negative equivalent.  (That maintains the balance of hiding the face of Hashem and allowing for free will.)  As we are entering a time of increased holiness, there will be an increase in negatively to combat it. 

We see this in two areas, one the general proliferation of shtuss in the world, as our lives, days, homes, roads, and pockets are connected to pipelines of time wasters as best, filth at worst.  The term virtual reality has begun to apply to our daily lives as we disconnect not only from Hashem but even from other people! 

The second are where we see this is the turning of the world against the Jewish people.  While initially some may have imagined this was “only” against the Nation of Israel, clearly we’ve seen this continue to worsen until it’s literally become unsafe to walk as a Jew on various college campuses in the U.S. downtown in various cities and towns throughout Europe, and life threatening to enter a variety of countries of the world as a Jew.

With the coming of Sunday night, July 11th through Monday, July 12th, we will, G-d willing, begin to get the spiritual influences of the final era.  May we find it, and all the blessings promised by Hashem, only for the good!  And may we find ourselves blessed with the ultimate good, the coming of Moshiach tzidkaynu and the geulah shalayma!


  1. Dear Reb Nati:

    Since the first year of the Creation of Man was the year 1 and not the year zero, I believe you are off by one year. The b'itah moment is next year not this year. It is why in our calculations for birkat HaChama are 28n + 1. The +1 is to add the year of the Creation to the calculation when the sun is in the sky as it was at the Creation of the World. Therefore, Minchah Gedolah will be 5770.833333 + 1 or 5771.833333. Now .83333 of a year next year does not take us to Rosh Chodesh Av because next year has 13 months not the normal 12 months. Instead it takes us to the 25th of Tamuz which is still during the three weeks.

    Perhaps the things that are about to happen in the world this Rosh Chodesh are a year of preparation for the b'itah moment which I believe will center around the world's attempt to divide Yerushalayim.

    Much blessings during this build up year.

  2. Nice article Nati. We can only hope.

  3. By the way, I found one other mathematical error. From Hebrew year 3000 to 4000, the secular year count does not match up. The Hebrew year 3000 is equivalent to the year 760 BCE. The way you have it now, the 1000 Hebrew years of 3000 to 4000 saw the passage of 1480 secular years.

  4. Binyomin, thanks you are correct. I (not Rav Nati) added the Gregorian date column at the end and I erred in the crossing from BCE to CE.

    I'll correct it soon.

  5. I'm rootin for my Chabad friends. If moshiach comes this year (5770), bli neder, I will let them rub me for my denial of 'mamash' over the vodka I have refused to touch until now.

  6. great oppertunity to prepare ourselves. Maybe we can pick something to improve on ourselves, or say Tehillim .......

  7. I really do not mean any disrespect, but was wondering how the following:

    "Similarly, one should not try to calculate the appointed time [for the

    coming of Mashiach]. Our Sages declared: [Sanhedrin 97b] "May the

    spirits of those who attempt to calculate the final time [of Mashiach's

    coming] expire!" Rather, one should await [his coming] and believe in

    the general conception of the matter, as we have explained.

    from the Rambam (Mishneh Torah), that we shouldn't try and calculate the date?


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