Friday, July 23, 2010


Gaza Children Bombarded with Orange Bombs (not AP) 7,200 Gaza arab children were bombarded today by Orange Cluster Munitions from Israel.  Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary General, said the UN will immediately investigate this war crime and find Israel guilty even though the munitions say “made in Egypt” and carry tunnel dust from their underground delivery to Gaza.

Reporters just happened to be well positioned to record this horrific event, as they had been attending a UN sponsored mass hop scotch competition.  Winners of the competition were scheduled to receive 10 minutes of air conditioning while assisting at the cash register at the new Gaza Refugee Relief Center and Sales Outlet at the Gaza Mall.

When the IDF spokesperson was questioned about this genocidal event, they responded “What are you talking about? This was a mass basketball dribbling competition, not a mass casualty event!”  The spokespersons response clearly demonstrated they were in on it.

The Guinness World Records commission is focusing on determining the extend of Israel’s guilt.

From this attack 3 children received horrifically minor bruising from the impact of the munitions.  Reporters state “fortunately all of the shoddy Israeli manufactured bombs failed to explode, rather they kept bouncing around a while”.  On the spot Arab reporters were having a hard time reading the Hebrew markings on the bombs. The public is asked to help decipher these military symbols:

wilsonWe now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.  Please stop by tomorrow for our regular fair and balanced “Israeli atrocity of the day” report – 10:00 AM GMT on the BBC World Service.

(The real story here…7,200 desperately poor Gaza arab children hold a world record basketball dribbling competition.)


Leah said...

Please come over here and pick me up from off of the floor because I am laughing to hard and fear I may break something....thank you. Have a wonderful Shabbos!

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious. i wish israeli children the same life of luxury and safety as that which these children in gaza have. you would no doubt agree with that.

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