Sunday, July 04, 2010


American Independence Day

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Unemployment and under-employment.  People losing their homes, their cars, their businesses, their assets.  Businesses downsizing, governments unable to meet their budgets.  Tent cities in Hawaii?

iPad, iPod4, 55” 3D big screen TV, new fashions, latest (ecological) car.

Crime rates up, environmental disaster unhandled, war that can’t be won according to the political rules applied.

…It’s hard to judge, and I’m not living in the middle of it anymore (being in Israel).  Family members who are underemployed, friends who have lost their homes, co-workers who have been downsized and taken new positions at lower pay.  I'm hearing only challenges, no recovery, no good things happening.  But when I read the US news, CNN, MSNBC, etc, everything is wonderful and peachy keen.  New gadgets are out, new fashions in place, new non-polluting cars arriving.  Everyone is happy happy happy…

America is falling down.  As written in navi Ovadiah, when she turns against Israel she loses her wealth and is beaten upon.  Welcome to the time of the prophets.

I do not revel in this.  America of the last 50 years has been a bastion for the Jews, a place to recover, grow, and become successful in the physical world.  (Not perfect, but the bastion since World War II.)

Now, however, as government attitudes turn against her friends and Israel in particular, as the politically correct university campuses of the last generation turn into anti-Semitic breeding grounds of the next generation, the blessings of those who bless her are falling away.

The result is not looking pretty.

But that’s just my view from “over there”.  Is it accurate?  You tell me.


Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Yep, it is accurate. My work at a steel stamping facility has gone down. They keep trying to get new work, but nothing, it seems. We only work 32 hours per week now. It is nice, though, to take the rest for 3 days and slow down, but less money coming in does hurt a bit. It does look pretty grim.

Shiloh said...

I am not in currently in America but close by. You are accurate but I think it's going to get bad, really bad for Jews in America very quickly. When the goyim are starving, they will bite.

First, the latest economic numbers that are out are showing a double dip recession later this fall. I have heard economists saying everything from the Dow crashing (dooms day) to the minimum another recession like that of 2008. As if it's not bad enough already. The unemployment figures (U6 I believe) are close to 22% which is just short of the 25% during the Great Depression.

The stock market is being manipulated for a slow decline, not to panic the sheeple.

Consumer confidence has dropped drastically. Canadian numbers showed a completly unexpected stall in the economy in April (does that coincide with their announcement to help solve the middle east Jerusalem problem, I don't know).

We have friends in a major University here, who state how the anti-Israel propaganda and anti-semetism is gone out the roof. We recently spoke to some Israeli's who are afraid to speak Hebrew openly now in public.

The gulf spill, bad isn't a word to accuratly describe it. The millions of cubic feet of methane being released is far worse then the oil. Dead zones in the sea, to the worst case, the methane exploding. G-d forbid. Contingency plans to evacuate some 40 million US residents, why? The media is now limited on what it can see and whom it can speak to about the spill.

The housing market, for those Jews who can sell and get what little equity from it, do it now. Housing prices are expected to drop again this fall, at least 10% again. Another wave of forclosures are expected. Canada is going to see the same thing. Realtors have warned me (both Goyim and Jewish) of the coming second bubble. Gov't denies it of course.

The govt's like you say are turning against us, but so is the client regime (spoken about in the Tanach also) of Israel.

The judgement of the goyim in Ovadiah began some 8 years ago. The rabbi's don't teach this in order to warn their sheeple. Mind boggling to me. Totally mindboggling.

What bothers me moreso, is that the rabbi's for the most part (there are exceptions thankfully) in the galut are also with their heads in the sands. It's crazy they say that the geulah is almost upon us. The day we cannot escape Edom is fairy tale. We will be transported to Israel in underground tunnels. The Temple will fall out of the sky. My G-d what has happened to us.

Akiva, I am very glad when you post things like this. Sadly, not enough are. We have still a short window. Will we escape with some assets, will we escape with our pajama's, or will we perish. How many more warnings do we need. Sadly, I know the answer.

Have a wonderful week at any rate.

Shiloh said...

I forgot to mention, Jewish End of Days blog. But then I saw that you just visited it. Great. Hopefully others will tune into both yours and his blog, and moreso, get out while they can.

Batya said...

According to my sources, The Jewish Day Schools are suffering, too. More scholarship requests and less money in the pot.

Moossa said...

America under Obama has been Israel's worst enemy. Obama has pressured Israel to freeze construction in Yehuda and Shomron. Obama sided with the Arabs calling for a nuclear free zone in the Middle East, and establishing a conference in 2012, trying to pressure Israel into signing the NPT.
Obama has tried to stop construction in Jerusalem. And Obama is forcing us into peace talks with the Palestinians that we really do not want to partake in.
And finally, Obama failed to condemn the Gaza flotilla.
As a result, it seems like Ha-shem is slowly causing America's collapse. America is now going thru one crisis after another. In addition, America's military cannot handle the numerous demands placed upon it by the politicians. What I see as America's fatal mistake is its placing of additional sanctions on Iran last week. America's Congressional sanctions will choke Iran's economy and they will most likely lead to a war between America and Iran. However, America is in no shape to fight another tough war while the Afghanistan war is going on. America will probably collapse as a result.

Crazy Smade said...

Your post is understating how bad things are here. Unemployment isn't at the 9% they've been reporting it at for the past year. That's just the newly unemployed who are taking advantage of the benefits. That figure doesn't count those who've been unemployed for years now and aren't taking benefits. We're really closer to 25% to 30% unemployment, but that's all part of the plan to collapse America as we continue to feed the Chinese Dragon. More than a few are leaving the US to live in various Third World countries. I'd been gone tomorrow, but I can't access my "retirement funds" and taking 'em out early wouldn't even buy me a plane ticket after all the penalties, etc. I guess I'll be going down with this pathetic, anti-Semitic, anti-Rabbinic, anti-Zionist ship. Though He slay me, right? What other options do I have? None that I can see. Oh well....

neshama said...

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