Friday, June 18, 2010


Who's Helping Those Who Don't Fit In?

The traditional yeshiva system doesn't work for everyone. Who's helping those who fall by the wayside of the ultra-orthodox Jewish world?

Yeshivat Nishmat Shlomo is a yeshiva that is focused on dealing with the challenged youth of the religious community. Check out the video below, and then please consider supporting their raffle (ad below the video) so they can keep their doors open! Unfortunately a special program requires a higher level of resources, and the average family can't afford it without help.

Buy a raffle ticket and help them out, and tell them Reb Akiva sent you.


Mezzuzah said...

Who is helping the other segment of the population that doesn't fit in for whatever social reason that may be? I think it's time we let go of these stigmas - once and for all. How do you know that Moshiach isn't in fact being delayed because of all of these judgments that everyone is passing on everybody else?

s said...

thanks for mentioning this great organization - Baruch Hashem they are a great help and a light in these youths lives

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