Sunday, June 06, 2010


When The Enemy Approaches


by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

When danger draws near, and the world is united against us, as we see it is today, do not despair. Despair weakens resolve.

    Instead, strengthen yourself and all of our people by taking action. Every one of us must join in the battle.  Wherever we are, we are all on the front line, and we all must do our best to protect the ones who are in the most danger.

    You and I do not have tanks or planes, but we do have our own powerful weapons. When we do a mitzvah, any mitzvah, we strengthen the entire Jewish people. Now is a time when we must increase our mitzvahs. For the next week, take action to shield our soldiers from danger. For instance, if you are accustomed to giving one dollar a day to charity, for the next week, give two dollars a day. If you are having one Shabbos guest Friday night, invite another. Increase your learning and kindness, even if it is only a small amount, and even if it is just until this dangerous time passes. Every good deed you do will help to shield a Jew who is in danger, and this is even more true when you make an effort to increase your good deeds.


  1. The entire country should be filled now with Mitzvah tanks. Where are they hiding?

  2. go to a pro-israel demonstration...or bring your israeli flag out to a busy corner and wave it. say psalms/tehilim and sing israeli songs when you do it.
    this is a way to pray and support israel!


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