Friday, June 04, 2010


We Are The World, We Are The Children (or not?)

Latma TV is Israel's political equivalent to the US's Saturday Night Live, but is often dealing with life, death, and war issues. Today they bring us We Con The World, the new charity fundraising song for Gaza.

(Religious warning - women singing)


  1. I've seen much footage too of Israelis rioting on the streets and calling 'death to the arabs, death to the leftists' (for example). The whole debacle seems to be one huge propaganda war, from both sides. Of course, the world siding with Hamas is crazy. Yet, what if 'the world' does have a point too....?? Somewhere, somehow... However small it may be.. Or are all jews saints by definition? At all times?

  2. Apparently, the Israel Government Press Office "mistakenly" sent this Youtube video link to journalists.

    They call it a "PR Blunder". I call it "PR genius".

  3. I saw this Friday, and put it on my blog, because it is the funniest and most apropos!
    Thank you Caroline!!


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