Thursday, June 03, 2010

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Reading the Signs

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

We are waiting for a sign. And this is it! It is written in the Nach (biblical prophets), "If you will but return to me I will return to you!" We must return! He is waiting for the sign!  Hashem is waiting for the sign from us!  And this is it: "our return"!

Do you understand??? Hashem is WAITING FOR US!!! We are the ones extending this! We must show Him the sign, not wait for Him to show us!

It is written in Kol HaTor (by Rabbi Moskolav z"l, the chief student of the Gra zt"l) that all the signs are past and it is now up to us! That was over 200 years ago.

If we would but remember Him, he would remember us! We talk here about a partial remembrance and full remembrance, these are speaking of us remembering. Haval, we cannot wake up! Please Hashem, please help us to remember. Please help us to call out to You. Please Borei HaOlam, please!!! "ABBA ten lanu rachamim."

If we were but to cry out and ask, each of us, for Him to help us... You see all of this is on us. This galus is unlike the previous ones in this that it has no expiration date. Galus Mitzraym (Egypt) 400 years, galus Baval (Babylon) 70 years. We could have ended this the day after the Horban Mikdash (destruction of the Temple), but we are spiritually asleep. We need to wake up, each one of us. We have to decide which are we: Dor Midbar or Dor Geula (generation in the desert or generation of redemption). It's up to us.

We didn't make it the first time, so we have come back in this generation to fix the problem. In truth it really is up to each one of us. Ask yourself, saying "hey self, are you ready to continue in the mess that we are in or are we gonna jump up and say maspik (enough)??? Enough, we're ready, we're done waiting, we're returning to You now!!

And now WE say "I mean now you have to return to us"!!! Ribono Shel Olam, we are done suffering in this misery!!!

And HE says:

"OH daughter of Zion how long are you going to sit in the dust, rise up and shake of the chains for I have unlocked them. Put off your sack cloth and wash yourselves and get ready for the feast, put on your wedding gowns for I long to reunite with you!! Please I am waiting here for you!!!"


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