Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Overloaded and Overwhelmed


by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Last night you were not a happy camper. Today you are overloaded. Are you ok? (IM’d a friend.)

Honestly friends, no. This golus thing is just ruining my life. What's with this no Shechina deal? Running around grubbing for money, no time for Torah and mitzvot, troubles with kids, hassles with work. It's like so physical and lowly.

This has to be a dream, things can't really be like this. Like the whole world suddenly hating us just for existing - it's all a bad movie I'm sure.

Friend: I have followed comments to the flotillas. Most Americans are still pro-Israel. It is just that Barack Hussein Obama was sent here to unite the world against Jerusalem whether Americans support it or not.

See what I mean! How are we supposed to live lives connected to Hashem while watching the world figure out which way to kill us? (Not whether, just which genocidal madman will be allowed to implement his plan.)  And at the same time worry about kids, schools, and enough money to buy challah for Shabbos?

Should I be davening (praying), buying a tent and survival gear for the desert (the navi on the remnant fleeing to the desert after Gog uMagog), or worrying about my job not paying enough and the various failings of the schools on my children’s educations and which schools to try to get them into for the fall?

It's so freaking schizophrenic!

Friend: The Chafetz Chaim was clear that from this tza'ar (suffering) we will be redeemed. I would forget about survival gear. Somehow we will be redeemed without it.

This is NOT the first time the Jewish people have felt geulah (redemption) may be close.

Friend: Schizophrenic or not G-d will gather the entire world against Jerusalem, yet we still need to worry about the mundane things.

Friend: It is a Perfect Storm. Hold on strong. We need you (and every Jew).  The BP Oil Spill came around at the same time that Bibi was buckling on East Jerusalem building. One has to be blind not to see it. It is a message from on High. Those who try to solve Jerusalem's problems to our detriment will be lacerated. Yes, I don't know whether we will keep our home next year (in the West Bank) when the PA unilaterally declares its state. It is just the beginning.  It won't be easy to thrive during b'itah when it kicks in. But better in Israel that outside of it.

I actually think the news as a function has changed from informative to entertainment to a waste of time, to now a strong means of propaganda (to the general populace) and a direct mental attack (on the righteous).  One cannot help but feel the world is coming down around their ears if they watch the news as it focuses on one disaster, war, suffering people, unemployment event, or societal collapse after another.

I wasn’t gorging on news, but even the trickle is enough to ruin any hope of simcha (happiness).


  1. "the navi on the remnant fleeing to the desert after Gog uMagog"
    I was trying to find the source for this, i lost mine. Please write which Navi and what the quote is exactly? You're so right, the world is going bonkers, and decent people are not sure what to do.

    BUT we Jews know that our lifeline is ALEPH, BEIS, GIMMEL: ALEPH for Emunah, BEIS for Bitachon, GIMMEL for Geulah.

    Akiva, remember in Mitzrayim when the makkos came the yidden were not affected, it happened all around them. You don't need to get survival gear. Anyway, Hashem will save WHO HE WANTS TO SAVE!

    Just strengthen your ALEPH, BEIS, GIMMEL. Teach the Kollel this. Tell this to everyone you talk to. And let them know it came from a 'lady' on her way to Eretz HaKodesh, because once I'm there the fireworks will begin!

  2. Could be worse. You could have zero money and run into a brickwall with each and every attempt to get a job or make money. At least you've got your fellow Jews to engage and talk with in your down time. Others don't even have that. And why HaShem doesn't hook you up with the desires of your heart to just sit and study and do good deeds is beyond me. What loving father wouldn't provide for his son, if he had the means and wherewithal to do so -- and we know HaKodesh Baruchu's got more than enough to go around. Oh well.... His will be done. I feel for you. I really do.

  3. Won't be long Akiva. We are all being tested hard right now. I was speaking with my wife last night about our lack of emunah and how it stops haShem doing His work. It's actually our fault, not His.

    The 'reality' of the world does test us. It wears on us. But remember, it's just a short film clip in the motion picture. We can change the scene.


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