Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Oh Rebbe!


by Reb Akiva of Mystical Paths

(Today is Gimmel Tammuz, the day of the histalkus of the Lubavitcher Rebbe 16 years ago.  Also the day when Yehoshua bin Nun stopped the sun in the battle of Jerico.)

Oh Rebbe, you told us you were leaving it up to us.  You told us you’d done all you can do (that the work of the tzaddikim in bringing the Geulah – the complete redemption) was done.  Now we had to do our part.  You spent 50 years showing boundless love for the Jewish people and for your fellow Jew.  Not only did you show us how, you set up the ultimate ahavas yisroel franchise operation and completely refocused Chabad on saving the Jewish people, collectively by saving them individually worldwide.

But we were so close.  We literally felt the light of Moshiach in the air.  We knew we were the last generation of the golus (exile) and the first of the geulah (redemption).  You brought us Torah infused with Or Moshiach.

We watched miraculous events, literally wonders and miracles, happen around the world under your watch.  Empires fell bloodlessly and masses of Jewish people were freed.  Missiles fell on Israel and almost no one died.  Wars fulfilling biblical prophecy occurred and amazingly small numbers of people were murdered. 

All the events of the geulah were lining up b’rachamim, with incredible divine mercy.  Every day looked better.  The question for the future was how high would we reach, and how much farther would our children be able to go.

Then darkness fell.  You set the path and told us we would have to walk it, but we didn’t understand.

Since you left us the world has gotten darker every year.  Wars, threats, national scale terrorism, madmen challenging the world.  The Jews are responsible for this, the Jews are responsible for that.  Economic disaster.  Eretz Yisroel under serious threat.  Even threat of nuclear genocide.

The future is frightening, we hope we and our children will survive.

Oh Rebbe, we’re lost without leadership and fear for tomorrow.  Even so, we will not give up and will not give in.  We will remain a source of light and truth to the world even while it will spit in our face and try to burn down our homes.  We will continue your path of kindness, mitzvot, and Torah throughout the world.  We will NOT turn in on ourselves but remain committed to sharing goodness outwards.

You’ve told us that’s the way.  And even while our enemies cackle with glee at how they begin to stand high, we stand firm with Hashem and your path, learning your Torah, sending our children to open and staff Chabad houses to help every Jew worldwide, reaching out to our fellow Jew to bring every possible mitzvah into this world.

But Rebbe, with our physical limitations we need some (more) blessings in this world to make it through and need a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  Please see what you can do!


Dove said...

One way or another Ha-shem is about to reveal the truth to the world.
Ha-shem hates the lies and the hatred of the Jews propagated by the arabs throughout the world. Ha-shem says Israel is my firstborn son and he will not tolerate anymore Jew bashing. Ha-shem is on our side and the Geula will come one way or another. One thing is certain, I would much rather be a Jew at this point in time than a non-Jew.

yaakov said...

we love the lubavitcher rebbe!!! Hashem bless his memory and the line of chabad rebbes going back to the rebbe zaken, the alter rebbe and the baal shem tov. please HaShem strengthen all their efforts with success those in this world and those in heaven for the present and future of am yisrael!!!

s said...

We also need to make ourself into a vessel that can receive the blessings and assistance, by improving on whatever we need to improve on. :)

s said...

We also need to make ourself into a vessel that can receive the blessings and assistance, by improving on whatever we need to improve on. :)

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