Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Loss of Emunah

by Rabbi Kinstein at Mystical Paths and Yesh Ma L’asot

This week I found myself being the one who needed the Emunah lessons. How quickly we can fall in to the constrictions of this world. I got angry over everything that was happening to me and all the commitments I had.

It is easy to judge this as a lack of emunah, but in reality is is just the entrance to a new level. This can happen to the best of us and many times we are unaware of it and we fall prey to the distraction instead of the truth. For each everything that we experience is a message, a conversation as it were with the Creator Blessed Be His Name.

The key here is to as fast as you can the moment that you or someone else become aware of it shake yourself free and start all over right now in that very moment. The fall into constriction is not the danger, the staying there is. If we could just see on a scale or meter, just how much time we have wasted in beating and berating ourselves and others over this we would faint. But if we understood that the time understood that the time understood that the time between ‘the constriction’ and recovery is the key here.  To properly do T’shuva we need to repeat this over and over again until we catch ourselves before we fall. Then we can begin to help each other to realize this and  then start to perform redemptions.

As each of us comes to this consciousness we are joined by those who we have revived and each one in turn revives more until the whole of the world is raised to this Hashem consciousness  “On this day He will be One and His Name One”


Anonymous said...

What has helped me retain my Emunah

Yitzik said...

I always thought it was a mitzvah to teach Jews Torah and to keep them on the right path. I thought it was a mitzvah to influence our fellow Jews in a positive way and to stay away from strife. And from my experience with Chabad, I thought that all Chassidim were warm people that always welcomed Jews into their schools and Shuls.
Well, all my beliefs were shattered with the Emanuel uprisings. The Chassidim at the Emanuel school should do the noble and right thing, that is, they should let all Jews (including Sephardim) into their classes. And they should teach them the ways of Ha-shem. They should integrate their schools not segregate. They should set the right example for millions of Jews worldwide. That would be the real Ahavat Israel and Kiddush Hashem.

shimonmatisyahu said...

Hey, Yitzik, it's very important to get your facts straight BEFORE you write Motzie Shem Ra, for which you now have to ask the Chasidim/Charedim in Emanuel for Mechila. There is a Sephardic Yeshiva about which the Chasidim or Charedi parents in Emanuel feel is beneath their religious standards, and hence send their children to a Chasidic Yeshiva in Bnei Brak instead. What you also failed to mention is that around 30% of these parents sentenced to prison by the anti-Torah court are Sephardic themselves. Hence, this has NOTHING to due with prejudice against Sephardim. There is enough tension within Klal Yisrael without you needing to add fuel to the fire, especially when you write false statements degrading Yidden who have Mesirut Nefesh to be sent to prison for attempting to give their Kinderlach the best Chinuch possible.

Yitzik said...

Hey shimonmatisyahu, I ask you to get your facts right and to open your eyes to see the discrimination that exists in the Haredi world today against the Sephardim. You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting such Sinat Chinam and Chillul Hashem. There has always been discrimination against the Sephardim and there probably always will be, but it does no good for you and your pals to close your eyes and to simply ignore it.

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