Saturday, June 05, 2010



Hodu L’Hashem Key Tov, Key L’Olam Hasdo – Thank you Hashem for Eretz Yisroel, Eretz HaKodesh and that after so many generations since the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash and (general) exile from our land, and after the Holocaust, that the Jewish people have the ability to live in the Holy Land and operate their own government there.


That’s the response to be given on the parsha of the meraglim, when the spies spoke poorly of Israel.  At the same moment the world is speaking lies about Israel and crying out to slaughter the Jewish people…



Neshama said...

That old rag! Put her out to pasture!
You know she's a Lebanese christian antisemite!

Crazy Smade said...

Again, we see the DOUBLE STANDARD of these pro-Gaza, DC sycophants. Maybe SHE ought to go back home to Europe and return the Western Hemisphere to the Native Americans.

But even this isn't a fair comparison, because many Jews never left Israel and more than a few converted to Islam, rather than leave the Land.

And now, like Mel Gibson after sticking his foot in his mouth, Helen Thomas offers a pseudo-apology and has the nerve to speak of mutual respect. She doesn't know the mean of the word respect! And if she does, then respect simply isn't something that she's willing to give to the Jewish people. She's beyond pathetic!

America continues to take on the feel of pre-WWII Germany with each passing day. If I had the means and wherewithal to get out of here ... I'd be gone tomorrow. America is doomed, thanks to people like Helen Thomas.

I feel an Evil Decree hanging over the entire country and I just don't see a mass move toward teshuvah. The smack down cometh. I just wish that I had the birthright to be elsewhere. :(

josh said...

Sometimes the anti-semites simply cannot hide their real attitudes, too bad for her she lost a lifetime of credibility for this one dumb and miniscule hate boat.

But this is the danger of living with the goyim, you never know when they are going to trip and let out the unexpected and illogical true feelings. In the end of days, I heard there will be more righteous gentiles then Jews, but hopefully we do not have to witness another goyish uprising.

Anonymous said...

they let her 'retire' after three days of not doing anything. she should have been fired and her credentials removed. but no, the 'current admin' just let her retire.

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