Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hang On!

hang on

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths and Yesh Ma L’asot

We are all trying to just hang on.  We need each other to remind ourselves "each other, when we see each other letting go,  to hang on!!!”

And know this, it will only be by thanksgiving and praise that are we going to make it!

We can make it!  Just pretend we are shipwrecked in a foreign land. They do not understand us and we them. Only by separating ourselves from the mundane and raising ourselves up out of the mud of this golus are we going to see the geulah (redemption).

Just like Egypt, Hashem is about to show His hand.  The makkot are being given and they are ignoring them, the heart of pharoah is strengthened but we must circumcise our hearts.

Be ever so sensitive to the leading of the spirit for this conversation is getting loud and we must read between the lines and search within for the right course of action.  Following the Tzaddik is the only way, as we are going in for the long haul. Get really for the biggest mental trial.

My brothers and sisters, only by throwing out our sekhel and having complete trust in the Tzaddik can we hold on and make it through. 

We must guard the gates, the gates to our soul!  Our eyes from the impure, the news which has become negative propaganda, the culture which has immersed itself in filth.  Our ears from the negative, the lies that are told, the patterns that appeal only to our animal.

Each of us is special, we were hand picked by by Hashem for this time.  The time before the geulah (redemption) is the reincarnation of the generation of the midbar (desert travels after Har Sinai).  We broke it, now WE have to fix it!

By crying and complaining, by longing for material joys, many times the generation has had to try to repair it. The final opportunity to finish the job comes right before the geulah.

We must break the hold on us of the lies of the world.  Like the generation that went down to Egypt where the slavery was introduced gradually, over a generation we went from radio to TV to computers, TV everywhere, cell phones, internet, internet on cell phones, constant involvement with the electronic and ignoring the people.  Constant belief in what’s fed to us, yet disbelief in G-d!

They are blinding us and we’re paying them for the equipment and bandwidth used to do so!

Simplicity and truth are the tools of righteous, do WE even know what those words mean anymore?

Sharing a good word, a smile, a blessing and some bread, remind each other that we are here and in it together.  Be here for them and they’ll be there for you.  And thank Hashem!  This is the most important!

Limit your use of the computers and phones as you will temped to look and listen to the falsehood.  There is a real test coming and we will not be able to stand it if we look or listen to them! The false prophets of ABC, NBC, CNN, BBC, FOX, AP, Reuters….and all the other prophets that your father did not know.

ONLY TO THE TRUTH OF TORAH and only from the words of the tzaddikim.  All else will lead to failure.


  1. so true about communication; there's less and less face to face conversation. This is very important

  2. Nati, haShem, remember Him? I choose to serve Him, not men. I have listened to what many, you refer to as Tzaddikim are saying. The honest ones don't know, the ones who want an audience say much. Follow haShem and listen to His prophets.

  3. Feels to me like HaShem is weaning me off His milk. Actually, it feels more like HaShem is just throwing me into the croc infested Nile and telling me, "Swim for it, boy! Swim!" Oh well.... Back to the standard three options - swim, sink or death by croc attack. Thanks, HaShem!


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