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Gog uMagog Already Passed?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

An Anonymous commentor wrote (good comment, why not leave a name?)...

The Rebbe and other tzaddikim have repeated that the war of Gog and Magog has already happened. The final war of Gog and Magog is a spiritual war against the Yetzer Hara. This was also mentioned by Rav Nachman of Breslev. So the final redemption will take place without any major world war.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe continually defined world events as fulfilling specific words of the navi'im (specific biblical prophecies). And not only the words of the navi'im, but also prophecies of the Gemora, and even Yalkut Shimoni. He was clearly defining geulah b'rachamim, the redemption brought in mercy and before it's time.

But, Hashem yerachem (G-d have mercy), the job wasn't finished. This shouldn't surprise us, the Rebbe himself told us he (and by association, all the tzaddikim) had done his part - now it is up to us. The avoda (the spiritual work) of the tzaddikim in bringing the geulah is finished - the tzaddikim won't bring the geulah - the klal will (the Jewish people, the average people, now must complete their part).

Now you say the Rebbe said Gog uMagog has already happened, and so did Rebbe Nachman of Breslev. Now I can't speak for what Rebbe Nachman of Breslev said 250 year ago before World War I, World War II, and the Holocaust (events which lead me to doubt he said Gog uMagog had already happened). But I do know that THIS PAST WEEK there was a group of Breslev tzaddikim by Rebbe Nachman's kever in Uman doing spiritual work to try to keep the path b'rachamim (the path of mercy) and before it's time. This would seem to be unnecessary if the position of Rebbe Nachman was Gog uMagog had passed.

As far as the Lubavitcher Rebbe, I queried a Chabad Mashpia this past week before I wrote the previous article commented upon. My question was, "Please clarify for me, did the Rebbe say that the Geulah _can_ come without all the negative prophecies of the Nach (biblical prophets) or _will_ come without all the negative prophecies?" He answered, "The Rebbe said the Geulah _CAN_ come without all the negative prophecies." And I'll add the Rebbe clearly defined that SOME of the prophecies have already been fulfilled.

But not all of them.

I heard an amazing Chabad speaker on Shabbos. He noted that rachama litzlan (Hashem have mercy), since the Rebbe's histalkus we've seen only negative after negative against the Jewish people with the situation looking worse every year. Which may be the point. It was easy to hope for and believe in the geulah when the Rebbe was driving things in the right direction. It's hard to describe for those who weren't there at the time how much energy, how much kedushah was flowing around, how much effort was going into bringing more mitzvot, more Torah, more learning, learning about Moshiach, all focused on just finishing the job and bringing the Geulah.

But of course, as the Rebbe told us, he was giving the job over to us. We have no such leadership in this generation, no massive positive effort. Instead we have troubles befalling us, worries piling up upon us. But that's the point. WE have to do it, now, with our limited perception.

We davka have to do it, to maintain our emunah in the face of fears of this world, and our bitachon as the world turns to us and shouts "so, nu, where is your god?" Yalkut Shimoni describes a reverse Eliyahu hanavi and the priests of baal situation that will occur in our generation - where they will seemingly receive divine miracles and we won't. And they will turn to us, taunt us and invite us to worship their gods.

And in the midst of that we have to stand strong and stand with Hashem.

No, it doesn't have to be bloody. The Berlin wall fell without bloodshed. The Soviet Union dissolved without horror. BUT NOBODY SAID IT'S GOING TO BE EASY.

The tzaddikim can't finish this for us. They're working to DELAY it to give US the time to finish it b'rachamim (with mercy).

Time to get to work.


  1. i would respectfully add:
    that "we", the klal, are not alone.
    HaShem is with us, all the tzadikim of the generations are with us...there are so many 'hidden' righteous people doing there part.
    you are correct we have to do our part! and remember that we are not alone at all.
    (in the deeper sense, who really is 'doing' anything? we have 'free will'. but as your blog says..rebbe akiva says 'everything is pre-ordained, and free will exists'. the more we allow our neshama, our spark from HaShem to guide, strengthen and instruct us (tehilim/psalms 16), the stronger the light shines to end the darkness.)

  2. I often thought that the Lubavitcher Rebbe said things in order to make us believe that it would happen in a good way. If he said it, we thought it, and therefore the saying "Tracht gut und zein gut" would pan out.
    But as you say, after his passing, everything has changed.

  3. Nice post Akiva. There is another meeting tomorrow (today when you wake up) of kabbalists of the current events/Tanach/Talmud etc. I hope to find out tomorrow what's up as we where told to call while it was taking place. GogUMagog has not happened. Rabbi Nachman is not the only one to say it has, several rabbi's today are saying it too. I respectfully disagree with them. I wish it where so.

    I still believe that what the Baal Shem Tov said about the rabbi's hindering the geulah to be correct. Is it out of fear of what will come, or fear of loosing their 'control' which is none sense (they would just not be the boss, say a friendly demotion)? As far as leaderless, this is true, yes the Rebbe was probably the biggest Torah leader of our day, and it was a huge loss with his passing. I feel the same today of the passing of rabbi Eliyahu. Who's left?

    Listening to certain rabbi's in Israel and even goyim in the galut, all say much the same. War, war, war. No one know's when of course. If we look at history, that's a safe bet predicting a war. Even the alignment of the planets speaks of a massive change coming which includes war. Not that we are to rely on planets, but, even Moshe knew when to get out of 'dodge' according to the planet alignment.

    So who or what do we believe. Jews belong in Israel as per the Torah. Simple, sort of. Rabbinical opinion states we can leave for parnasa, granted 2 years only. (ok, my 2 years is up, not suprised that my job has gone to the pits) One rabbi that I provided you a link to states that Jews are running out of time to escape the galut. Even some goyim are saying that planes won't be allowed to fly into Ben Gurion. I agree totally. Many rabbi's and goyim are stating the potential of another economic downturn is a certainty. Where I am, the housing market as strong as it is today, is about to drop atleast 10%, leading to many forclosures. Leading to a huge decline in the economy (leading to who's fault) War dictates oil to return to over 100 per barrel, what happened the last time oil rose, recession world wide, not near being over.

    My wife spoke to another Yemenite rabbi who say's for us to get out NOW. All the hype, all the warnings are like before the shoah. Is this another case of crying wolf or the real deal.

    Deep down, we need to pack, even though Jews in our community think that it's crazy, yes, even the Israeli's. You try to do good, but can trust no one, especially in the galut.

    Keep on posting, it's alway (mostly (;-) )refreshing.

  4. In regards to what you said about doing our part, it's very true. We are being given many wake up calls. This is our chance to prepare ourselves for something very special ahead, otherwise it will just come the hard way. I'm trying to work on my emunah and middos and other things. I believe that I just need to make an effort with what I do, and Hashem will provide the rest at the right time

  5. The only way to make it through this time is with Emunah and you have to know what this is.

    Emunah is not just a belief, ie faith, 'an intellectual exercise'. Emunah is something more, it must change they way we talk, walk, eat, dress, the very way we live. We must take this belief and internalize it so until it becomes the very core essence of our entire being." I so believe that I act upon my belief" Now! With this EMUNAH we can change the world and bring ourselves to the Geula!

  6. You misunderstood my comment.
    Rav Nachman did not write that the war of Gog and Magog had already happened. He wrote that the war of Gog and Magog would be a spiritual war against the Yetzer Hara.
    It was the Rebbe who said that the war of Gog and Magog had already passed and that war was World War 2.
    The Rebbe also assured Bnei Yisrael that the Holocaust would not occur ever again because "V'Lo Takum Paamayim Tzara" which means that we would not face the same ordeal twice.
    So it really looks like the war that everyone is expecting today will turn out to be a spiritual war .

  7. Just Curious, why is the Breslover Chaburah going to Uman? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to daven in EY at the Kever of the Avos or the Kosel, especially for such an important matter that pertains directly to the whole Klal Yisroel, the Bnei Avos?

  8. My rebbe is ramchal !He was greatly admired by the rivals the gaon and the besht thats why I chose him to teach me on geulah and Torah ! there is physical and spiritual work done by the klal and specifically B'H the 2 mashiachs . mby is against edom mbd is against ishmael moshe is against the erev rav in the religious those who ignore the sod and the secular those who ignore divine destiny they are the rah of moses !

  9. Gog uMagog Already Passed?
    it has not come yet
    lets pray them it will not come at all..


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