Saturday, June 26, 2010



photos by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Searing hot dry dusty days came to Israel in late spring with hot winds blowing in from the surrounding deserts (while the eskimos may have multiple names for the consistency of snow, Israel has 3 names for the types of incoming desert winds…the ‘avak’, the ‘sharaf’, and the ‘chamsin’).  “Moreed HaTal”, the ‘dew fall’ stopped (which provides a moisture to the low lying plants) and the land became crispy dry.  Yes, Baruch Hashem there had been a decent raining season, but now the land is a tinderbox.

A cigarette thrown out a car window, a child with a pack of matches, the failure of an electrical device…brush fires have come to the land.


That’s an eruv poll, there goes the eruv.


Fortunately most home construction in Israel is concrete block with clay-tile roofs.  Even if this comes right up to the homes there’s limited concern of damage.  That said, as I moved in somewhat close for the pictures I found myself running away with the fire roaring across the brush.


The fire service has enlisted the help of crop dusters, who fly over dropping fire retardant chemicals to try to control the fire.


Unfortunately the fire conditions are prevalent across the area and we’re starting to see large blackened areas all around.  However, with winter rains it will, G-d willing, all green up again.


Devorah said...

Do these fire threaten any homes?

Akiva said...

Sometimes they do come up to homes, condo buildings or apartment buildings. But with concrete block and Jerusalem stone walls, and clay tile roofs, the buildings are not in danger of damage (no wood construction to ignite). The biggest concerns are to power lines or gas lines.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but those fires were Arson. (As quoted in the Chadash)

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