Thursday, June 03, 2010


Emergency Tefilot to Rebbe Nachman

Rabbi Nati is in Uman by the kever of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev, having traveled there with his rav and teacher, HaRav Shalom Arush, shlita.  This is an emergency tefilah (prayer) trip both for personal reasons and for Am Yisroel (the Jewish people).

Clearly this a time where our people need special prayers. While we may not be able to see what's going on in the spiritual realms, the animosity of the nations to Israel and the Jewish people is reaching unprecedented levels!

During his trip (which will complete on Sunday, June 6, 2010) he is accepting prayer requests to bring to the kever of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev.  If you'd like him to carry your prayer request, please click the donate button below which will provide a form for donating and entering your request.

(Why do we ask for a donation for this?  First and foremost, to make a channel for a blessing requires a mitzvah.  The easiest and fastest mitzvah is the mitzvah of tzedakah - charity.  Your donations will be used exclusively and 100% to support the operation of Yesh Ma L'asot yeshiva, kollel, Torah learning, and Torah events.  Second, unfortunately this physical world requires money to operate and a practical service, the bringing of your request, is being provided (and hey, you tip a waiter, right?)  Not being an independently wealthy rabbi, Rabbi Nati's Yesh Ma L'asot Torah and Chesed organization can only continue to operate by YOUR support.  However, while the suggested minimum donation is $18, he will accept ANY amount you consider worthy to invest in your tefilah [prayer].)

Sorry, this opportunity has passed. You can continue to support Rabbi Kinstein's Emunah based Yeshiva and online Emunah Torah website at


smb said...

During this time, it's important that we work on ourselves, connecting our heart to each other and Hashem, so we can ease the situation and let Hashem bring the geula more peacefully

Yaakov said...

Reb Nati,

Thank you for the Opportunity.


Crazy Smade said...

Hey, you know I love you guys. I may struggle with emunah and grumble about being a mere Noachide and being stuck in Redneck Hell, not that the Midwestern US has cornered the market on anti-Semitism and total stupidity -- did anyone hear Helen Thomas' recent statement? -- but I can't do a whole lot for you if HaKodesh Baruchu doesn't open some serious employment doors or at least crack a window so a blessing can squeeze through. Still, I'll send what I can. Be well, live in peace and prosper in everything you do....

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