Tuesday, June 29, 2010



by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

The foundation of all of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev's teachings is to know and to understand that everything that happens to us, both spiritually and materially, including what we ourselves do, whether deliberately or unwittingly, willful or under compulsion, all comes about through the decree of Hashem.

He knows full and well that this the only way to bring you to the ultimate good. The thing to do if you can not understand this is to cry out to Hashem about all the wrong you have done. “For the sins of man cloud his perception of Hashem’s workings in the world.” Pour out your heart and plead with him for your very life, for if you can not see to understand His workings then you are very close to a very real danger, the danger of thinking that you are in control.
Ask Him to help you get closer to His, the ultimate holy goal of recognizing His hand in your every affair. Hashem’s way of dealing with us in this respect is one of the most amazing wonders “ His understanding of us and our needs is prefect. When you start to see with understanding all that He does for us is good, even the seemingly bad, then you will be full of joy and awe as you stand and watch His leading and fulfilling of all your daily needs.

You will then look forward to this experience everyday. This is how we develop our relationship with Hashem, To thank Him and Praise Him for all he has and is and will be doing in our lives.

Then we will be full of joy and thanksgiving and will merit the full redemption.


  1. And if HaKodesh Baruchu tests a person beyond what they can handle and they just want to curse Him and die...? I guess that too serves the ultimate good by showing the individual that they weren't meant to make the cut and they can go back to being the pagan HaShem destined them to be. Odd, because I thought one who called upon The Name would be rescued. I guess that only applies to some, rather than all.

  2. Anon, He knows that a person would do that before the test began.

    Nati, like being separated for a time from the Source is pre destined. Understood, also the reconnect is predestined, but the wait can be brutal.

  3. Alternately, HaShem could be keeping one out of harm's way, rather than testing one's resolve. His clock and our clock don't seem to jive very often. I was once forced to move from a place that I more or less liked. I wasn't happy about moving, but 21 days later an F5 tornado ripe through the area. Yes, like Shiloh says, the wait can be brutal, but it might also be necessary. You just never know and not knowing the "why" is a royal pain. No one likes being left in limbo.

  4. Maybe the story of Elijah and the Rabbi who followed him on his journey would be appropriate here. He couldn't fathom the reasoning Elijah was doing what he done, Until it was explained to him. The events ran counter to what seemed obvious.


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