Thursday, June 10, 2010


Answers to a Pastor

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

Being at the Kotel for 6 hours a day brings me many opportunities to engage a large number of people, both Jews and non-Jews. A while back I was interviewed for a large circulation, christian magazine; I think it was called “christianity Today.” As always, they twisted what I said. A couple of months later a christian pastor wrote to me, saying that he had read the interview and wanted to film an interview with me.

I researched the pastor on the Internet and found that he has a small film company that likes to make films trying to prove that his religious beliefs are correct. I agreed to the interview on the condition that he would not change anything I said. He agreed, and we set a date. He even offered to pay me! Everyone advised me not to do it. After all, we all knew what he was trying to do.

To protect myself, and much to his surprise, I showed up for the interview with my own cameraman. The conversation lasted some 25 minutes. Here are eight minutes that pretty much sum up the interview. It will be interesting to see how the pastor produces it so that it will show support for his beliefs.


  1. Beautiful! Nothing else to say.

  2. Excellent. Would love to see the whole thing.

  3. please post the entire thing on your youtube page!!!

    question: i didn't think judaism says "G-d is all". judaism says G-d is in and through all..."there is only Hashem and nothing else"...but when one says "G-d is all" isn't there a danger of being like the hindus?

    thanks for a great video.

  4. Great video

    What many Non-Jews overlook is that Numbers 23:19 says "G-d is not a man" G-d wouldn't later on contradict those words

  5. Its quite easy to debunk the perpetuators of the Lie. I have had many, many go rounds with pastors and lay people. When you truly debunk their replacement theology you will quickly see the hatred towards Jews come out. In all reality, Esav's day in the sun is about finished as they get ready for their last stab at us of which will be to no avail.

  6. They really believe that God encapsulated himself in a body (of Yeshu) in order to die? So there is no God now for them? Good response about the 'messiah'. Was this posted before gimel tammuz on purpose?


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