Friday, May 21, 2010


What Are We Waiting For?

by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

We are waiting for a sign. And this is it! Pure and simple, nothing more nothing less. It is written in the Nach (biblical prophets) "If you will but return to me I will return to you!" We must return!

We thought we are waiting for a sign, but He is waiting for "the sign"!  And this is it: "our return", our Teshuvah! We can bring in the Geulah without suffering, but it is up to us.

Hashem is WAITING FOR US!!! We are the ones extending this! We must show Him the sign, not wait for Him to show us!

It is written in Kol HaTor (by Rabbi Moskolav z"l, the chief student of the Gra zt"l) that all the signs are past and it is now up to us! That was over 200 years ago.

Rebbe Nachman told his followers that the Redemption need not come by suffering if we but do Teshuvah out of love instead of fear. This is what is meant by Iruta D'tatah! We WILL do Teshuvah, unfortunately if not voluntarily then we will be forced to by suffering.  We are a stubborn people, but let's not be stubborn over this!

If we could but remember Him, He would remember us! Chaval, we can not wake up.  We hit the snooze button again! Please Hashem, please help us to remember. Please help us to call out to you. Please Borei HaOlam, please!!! "ABBA ten lanu rachamim."

If we were but to cry out and ask, each of us, for Him to help us... All of this is on us. This galus is unlike the previous ones in this that it has no expiration date. Galus Mitzraym 400 years, galus Baval 70 years. We could have ended this the day after the Chorban Mikdash (destruction of the Temple), but we are spiritually asleep. We need to wake up, each one of us! We have to decide which are we: Dor Midbar or Dor Geula (generation in the desert or generation of redemption). It's up to us.

We didn't make it the first time, so we have come back in this generation to fix the problem. In truth it really is up to each one of us. Ask yourself, saying "hey self, are you ready to continue in the mess that we are in or are we gonna jump up and say maspik (enough)??? Enough, we're ready, we're waiting, we're returning to You now!!

And He says:

"OH daughter of Zion how long are you gonna sit in the dust, rise up and shake of the chains for I have unlocked them. Put off your sack cloth and wash yourselves and get ready for the feast, put on your wedding gowns for I long to reunite with you!! Please I am waiting here for you!!!"

It doesn't have to take earth shattering events. We can end this, this year and sit in Yerushalayim and shout "this year in Jerusalem". Just trust in Him, He's doing it all for us, and in reality we have no other choice but to believe and come and perform His will.


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  3. My dear brother Shiloh. Yes, we follow a particular approach to Judaism here. While we're pretty tolerate of a variety of differences, it's within a range of what we understand normative Judaism to be.

    When you post comments that range outside that, we're not going to have our forum advertise it.

    We do agree that there are many problems within Judaism, and ways that Judaism is not working for people nowadays. That's some of what Yesh Ma L'asot is all about.

  4. Q: What Are We Waiting For?

    A: The funds to purchase a modest wedding dress, of course!

    I honestly don't understand why those with the funds (and the birth right) to move to Israel want to remain in the Americas. Close shop, pack your bags, get on a plane and let your attorney handle the loose ends.

  5. the jews of diaspora are fat ! period . schools 50,000 a years for 6-8 years , houses often well over 1,000,000 jobs often well over 50,000 never mind 100,000 or 1,000,000 or 1,000,000,000. Hopefully we drained the sparks with all this money god . Then the gra says in kol hator an intresting sentence mashiach ben yosef is raised up to his stature through poverty ! And , elsewhere , in kol hator will rise and raise his whole dor with him B"D!


    page 16

  7. Akiva, let's hope we can repair the breaches of the Torah within Orthodoxy. It's shabbat in Israel now, so Shavua Tov.

    With Shavuot, I only quoted what the Torah speaks. Not an advertisment of any stream or lack there of. Now how can one repair things when opinions of Torah are sensored because they don't agree with the status quo or what one call normative. If it's within logic and Torah it should be discussed whether or not one's religious training dictates different. I want the geulah as much as you and with 2000 years of suffering there is a reason why. Mystically it's rather simple.

  8. Anon wrote, "Then the gra says in kol hator an intresting sentence mashiach ben yosef is raised up to his stature through poverty!"

    I'd be interested to learn what Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon means by this and how poverty raises Mashiach Ben Yosef to his stature.

    Champions of the poor, who are born into poverty, typically end up becoming martyrs that few seek to follow and genuinely emulate. The sects that arise out of such "cults of personality" rarely stay true to the virtues of the presumed "founder".

    It's been my experience that poverty does one of three things for the individual:

    1. Poverty motivates one to claw their way out of it or, at the very least, it motivates one to lash out at the "world". Doing either usually leads one to give the reins over to their Yetzer HaRa -- a recipe for disaster on many levels, IMO.

    2. Poverty can break one's hope of ever escaping it and doom one to an existence of servitude, which typically condeems one's offspring to perpetuate the cycle of poverty begets poverty.

    3. Poverty can drive one to suicide.

    Overcome it. Live with it. Or escape it. Is there another option?

    Any which way you cut it, poverty is a cruel task-master and a crippling mistress. May we see the end of economic disparity, speedily in our day!


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