Thursday, May 27, 2010

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We Are In Control…Right? right?

“How can President Obama go on and on waiting and blaming BP?”
We’re in control.  If it’s dark we turn on a light.  If we’re hungry we go to the store.  If we’re sick we take a few pills and get better.
We know how things work.  We understand bacteria and disease.  Electricity and power.  We select species and adjust them to our food needs.
We’re advanced. If we’re “surprised”, like in a building collapse, we investigate and find the “engineering reason” that it happened. We understand why the stars and galaxies move the way they do, and why the molecules and atoms do as well.
Sick? The doctor will test your blood and scan your body, find the problem – medicate it or shoot a beam at it or implant a seed in it and all will be well!
We understand. That’s the point of it all…science education today that comes with a science philosophy.  We understand it all, and if something happens that we don’t expect it’s only because we haven’t quite yet got all the details under control. But we understand it all.
That’s why if the doctor makes a mistake he’s a failure – because he knows therefore if there’s no cure he must have blown it.  That’s why if a building collapses it’s the engineer’s fault – he knows therefore he must have blown it.
We know it all.  Well, maybe not each of us personally but certainly humanity collectively.  Ok, maybe not collectively, the scientists, they know.  Well, maybe each one just knows one area, but put it all together and we know.  Or someone does.
…And there’s no room left for the unknowable.
We used to learn where there’s ego there’s no room for G-d. On a personal basis this is an important lesson. 
But now we’ve create a societal ego.  We KNOW, and since we (think) we know and understand (or someone does) there’s no room for G-d in our lives.  Not because we think so much of ourselves, but because we think so much of our (collective) knowledge.
We see this in the current Gulf of Mexico BP deep water oil well disaster.  No one can understand why BP hasn’t just instantly solved the problem.  And because they haven’t, they can’t understand why the President of the United States – the “authorities” – haven’t stepped in, taken over and solved it all on the spot.  (What the news, read people’s comments, you see this theme repeated again and again.)
This is the avoda zarah described in Parshat Ha’azinu in the end (times)…”they angered me with no-god”.  They believe only in themselves.
…and we wonder why we feel lost, why something is missing.  We “know” too much to cry out to G-d.  We can’t be “simple” even if we try.  For we know better.


AmericanKnitter said...

You have described the problem very very well.
I wonder what it will take to jog us out of this collective mindset eh?

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