Monday, May 31, 2010


Video: IDF Soldiers Attacked and Almost Killed on Ship Boarding

While the world is busy condemning Israel for stopping ships intentionally running a blockade and entering a war zone - peaceful ships who were only offering passive resistance, see this...

(Remember, Jews are not allowed to defend themselves.)

"A blood libel in real time." - Benjamin Kerstein
"Self-defense has been all but criminalized in progressive countries like Britain, and Israel's right to exist, let alone defend itself, is recognized almost nowhere in the Middle East." - Michael Totten
"Palestinian press releases (lengthy) arrived within minutes of the event, obviously prepared in advance." - Powerline


  1. World condemnation only confirms the eternal truth that Esav hates Yaakov.
    So no matter what the evidence is, Israel will always be accused of wrongdoing.

  2. Yes, I realize we are headed toward Geula, and everything comes from Hashem, and we have to hang in there, and .......
    Can't help it, I got so angry!

  3. It's understanable to be angry -

    Let's channel our energy to prayer - May Hashem redeem us soon and compassionately

  4. Ah, Sharona, we are way past prayer. We need to fight the worldly non-sense of lies. We need to do our part, then haShem will help.

    Where I am at, the local radio station was in full support of Israeli actions. They played the Israeli warnings to the criminals, the spoke of the attacks on our soldiers. Then on the national news, they showed the 'invented palestinians' protesting and their usual rhetoric.

    The next problem is Israel. Stop the freakin appologies. Why the heck do they do this constantly. Tell the facts of the terrorist and don't appologize for our actions. We don't need for any single reason to be PC or more moral then anyone when it comes to defending our country and our people. Since the goyim will hate us anyway, stop trying to please them. Wake up.

  5. We need to fight the enemy and also pray to Hashem to help us be successful

    Plus, we Jews need to improve our in different areas so Hashem will redeem us

  6. it helps me to remember that the slime who beat our kids will pay a heavy price from the Master of the World.


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