Friday, May 14, 2010

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Photo Friday: Air Force Visit

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

For Israeli Independence Day, the IDF opens a variety of military bases to visits by the public.  While they rely upon chariots and horses and we rely upon the name of Hashem, still the chariots and horses are pretty impressive to stop by and see.

(Note I specifically asked the IDF officers if it was permissible to post photos taken at the event. They said “sure”.)

To limit access to only what should be seen, the Air Force selected a distant runway and brought everyone to it through a small security gate.  The runway served as parking lot and exhibition area.

Here a C-130 transport plane sits.  It is simply huge.


The F-16i, “i” for special Israeli edition, is the mainstay of the Israeli air force.070

The F-15 is bigger, useful for carrying a large load of bombs.


The Sikorsky CH-53 is the IDF’s heavy lift helicopter. It’s big enough to load multiple jeep’s into.


The Apache Longbow is the IDF’s heavy attack helicopter.


Shesh Shesh Taysha, Unit 669 is famous in Israel as the search and rescue unit. When hikers fall off mountains, 669 flies in and saves the day. When flash floods wash away a car, 669 pulls them out.


A Patriot anti-missile missile battery.


All in all an impressive display of military hardware. Yet, we end this with a more disturbing picture…part of the equipment display of the chemical warfare response team.  Israel is a nation surrounded by wolves who dream of her destruction…just for the sake of destruction!  Only Hashem saves us from their hand.



Neshama said...

This is the SECOND mode of protection for the Jewish People; make no mistake, a Jewish State needs Defense Forces to provide a physical sense of security. Of course, our FIRST mode of protection is speaking, davening, and calling out to our Father in Shomayim.
I see nothing incongruous about having an Israeli army, navy and airforce.
Thank you Akiva, this is always a big hit with children, religious and secular.

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