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Moshiach's in Tel Aviv?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Apparently Moshiach is in Tel Aviv and we at Mystical Paths missed his arrival (G-d forbid that we'd actually miss it or not notice)...

Recently these signs have been plastered throughout Israel. They're all over Tel Aviv, and they're up and down the highways on road signs (both the front and back). They say simply "The Moshiach is in Tel Aviv". And not to worry, "Moshiach is in Tel Aviv and will lead Israel very soon." The picture is of the 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Rebbe Rashab - Rebbe Shalom Dov Bear of Lubavitch, though the message and/or organization has nothing to do with Chabad Lubavitch - nor do we know why a message about Moshiach blazes a picture of a 150 year old Rebbe who's in the next world.

They come with the standard Gog u'Magog war warning, a statement that the US will lead an invasion into Israel - but not to flee Israel (and for Jews from outside Israel to speedily return to the Holy Land) as those outside will either suffer grave punishments and/or miss out on wonderful rewards.

And a really poorly designed web site (hebrew, link auto-translates), consisting of the classic harsh selections of pesukim about the coming of Moshiach and the war of Gog uMagog.

Given the medium budget for plastering thousands of these posters everywhere in central Israel, one would think they'd do better on the web site.

This whole thing is a classic fire and brimstone message - repent now because the end is near! Whether the end is near or not, whether Moshiach is waiting around in downtown Tel Aviv or not, this type of message has never worked and certainly isn't going to work now. While we happen to agree with the author that many of the sign of Moshiach do seem to be aligning with world events, frightening people into submission isn't a particularly effective method.

Even when the literal biblical prophets, who prophecized local events that came true to prove they were authentic voices for the words of G-d, even when they delivered the message of G-d to the people - when the message arrived without a believing leadership, it was ignored, not accepted, even ridiculed. It was true prophecy that came true, yet it wasn't heard.

This, which is conjecture, interpretation, and best guess, is not only a waste of effort but given the halacha of rebuke may even be forbidden (if you know a message of rebuke isn't going to be heard, you are prohibited from delivering it).

We hope and pray that the complete and final geulah is close, and may it come with rachamim (mercy). And if Moshiach is right now in Tel Aviv we look forward to his revelation. But hype and threats are (generally) counter productive. It pushes people away and/or burns them out.


  1. While I primarily agree that people respond to the positive encouragement much better, a dose of stark reality can be effective also, especially when its tempered with encouragement mostly.

    You wouldn't just give encouragement to child for looking both ways before crossing the street, you let them know what could happen if they don't look both ways. Placed inside all the encouragement you give a warning also.

    No ideas on why they chose the Rebbe Rashab for the picture. Thats a puzzler!

  2. B"sd
    I am familiar with this site from about a year ago and noticed lots of lashon hara on various personalities and harsh words against them and to my opinion this is a very cheap site and we should avoid entering this site. I also posted my personal opinion to the authour of this site but he is over confident about the contents he enters in the site. And to my personal opinion one who has only complaints and cant see any merit in another Jew cannot rebuke anyone but should work first of all on his own traits and middoth.
    Anat - israel ashdod

  3. Right on Akiva! I have been misled by many of these messages; best thing is to do what Lazer Brody keeps telling us to do which is to increase hitbodedut and Torah learning. He also says that if we increase emunah and realize everything is for the best, we will be already redeemed even before the public geulah.

    Check out




  4. Anat above is correct.
    I've been familiar with this site for a few years, and he used to email me every so often.
    The guy is a genuine nut. He had giant signs a few years ago posted on overpasses advertising for his site and saying some other mishagas.
    I say this with the To'elet that people should stay away - stay far away from this site.

    See here for 1 example of how I stopped myself from listening to this guy.

  5. There are references to refering to the messiah as 'chri-t'. That should sum it up. There are things that are true on the site, but I won't be re-visiting it.

  6. Thank you. I actually agree with you on this one, although I don't think people should be listening to R, Brody, Yitzhak or Arush either. But that's just me

  7. I agree that scaring people doesn't work. Either they won't listen and they'll think badly, or they'll just do it out of fear. What if events take time and they feel nothing is happening, they might drop practicing. But if they return because they want to be connected to H', then they'll stay. Best thing is balance inspiration with a sense of obligation.

    ps, R' Brody does an excellent job inspiring emunah BH

  8. What the?
    I hope we are not talking with arrogrance when we criticize the quality of websites trying to deliver a message. Is Eliyahu HaNavi going to spend 100 000NIS on a experienced web designing team for the real Moshiach's website so that it might be more credible for us? Maybe he'll start with a simple 'out of the box' blog. I'd rather be 'tam' about this then 'hacham'.

    There is no monopoly on 'derech'. Sometimes we need the honey, and sometimes the vinegar. It's not fair to make generalizations either. Some people need the honey, others get further on vinegar. Some people are in denial about the vinegar. Ignoring the vinegar is not going to help either but certainly more honey is definitely better.

    Given all that, what is the difference between claiming that a gadol passwed away for 150yrs is moshiach and one that is passed away for less than 20yrs.

  9. I dont think Eliyahu HaNavi will have a cash problem, lol! Aren't neviim supposed to be wealthy anyway?

    It would be very interesting what web technology he will endorse!

    Yes, I think one of the major things that got me off the Messianic speculation ride was the shock that Birchat HaChammah on Erev Pesach went by without Moshiach's arrival being publicly announced.

    Right now, it's Hammer Time! We have to get busy perfecting ourselves, overcoming anger, taivas, and increasing achdut. Remember when Moshiach comes, we will not be able to increase our madreigah nearly as much as we can now, since Hashem will be known to all.

    Nevertheless we must pray for Hashem to bring Moshiach because we want Hashem's Glory to be known and we want Kiddush Hashem above anything else. Bimheirah b'yameinu!

  10. Robert said, " We have to get busy perfecting ourselves, overcoming anger, taivas, and increasing achdut. Remember when Moshiach comes, we will not be able to increase our madreigah nearly as much as we can now, since Hashem will be known to all."

    I couldn't agree more! I wish everyone would think like this and stop speculating about HaMelech HaMoshiach. What good is a king without a kingdom?

  11. I think I saw this sign in old Bet Shemesh the other day

  12. Josh, with a gadol passing away 150, 20, 2500, or 2000, years ago is logical. It will just be very hard to swallow for most of the unlearned (that goes for the religious too). The bottom line, unless haShem identifies him to kosher, Torah observant Jews, forget about him. I can promise you that this never occured with either of the late Rebbi's in that post. We wait. He has been revealed in the galil and Jerusalem in the recent past few years. That's all I will say.

    Oh, how did we miss this tel aviv guy riding around on his white donkey, I am sure there was some mess to clean up on the streets.


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