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How Does the Non-Jew Fit Into the Spiritual Picture?

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

    Someone asked a number of very technical spiritual questions. For instance, he wanted to know about the differences between being made in the “Image of G-d,” the “Good Inclination,” and the “Holy Soul” that is added to a Jew’s natural soul.

    He also asked regarding the spiritual reality of a non-Jew, and his or her relationship to G-d.

   His final question was, “Muslims teach that non-Muslims are to be treated as subhuman (Dhimmi).  Does the Torah also say this about non-Jews?”

    Rather than going into all of the extremely fine, and sometimes confusing, details regarding the spiritual layout of the upper worlds, let me answer his questions this way:

    The Torah teaches that the entire world is one body. In a individual’s body, we have a heart and we have kidneys. We have teeth and toes. Each organ has been created exactly as it is for a very good reason, and each organ best fulfills its purpose by becoming the very best possible heart, kidney, toe or tooth that it can become. Are kidneys inferior to hearts? No heart could live without them. Each organ is precious to the body, and even more precious to the Creator.

   But can a tooth ever hope to see the spiritual heights of a heart? Is it destined to be merely a food grinder its whole life? From Devorah the Prophetess, we learn that spiritual heights can attained by anyone. “I call Heaven and Earth to be as witness that any individual… man or woman, Jew or gentile, free man or slave can have Ruach Hadodesh (Divine Inspiration) bestowed upon him; it all depends on one’s deeds.” [i]

    The reward is commensurate with the effort… the greater the sacrifice, the greater the Revelation.

    Eliezer was Avraham’s non-Jewish servant. Although he was a lowly slave, his deeds were pure enough to earn him a spiritual place that only 9 people in the history of the world have ever achieved. He is said to have been taken into Heaven alive, and not to have died.

    You, whoever you are, do not focus on where you are coming from. This is not so important. What is important is where you are going. And your deeds are the only things that are going to take you there.

[i] Tanna De Bei Eliyahu 9, Amora R. Anan.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Again, you're a priceless gem in the Crown of Judaism. I really appreciate your efforts in spreading this message to the Nations.


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