Monday, May 24, 2010


Gevald Are We Far Away

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Gevald are we far away...

There was a time when we believed.  We're nostalgic for that time.  We yearn for it but can't quite accept it in the past wholeheartedly anymore.  And today?  Today belief is simply crazy.  Gevald are we far way.

When the prophets, and there were thousands of prophets (only the major prophecies of the distant future were recorded for that future), no one doubted they were connected with heaven.  (And if you did they proved it.)  But we're really not so sure anymore.

When the Kohein Gadol could pronounce the name of Hashem and ascend (in soul) to heaven and ascertain the will of Hashem (Yom Kippur - the Avodah), we believed and fell on our faces as we heard the name of Hashem.  Today it's a good story on a fast day, but ascents to heaven?

When the four ascended to "the garden", of which only one returned in peace (Yom Kippur - the Avodah), we knew the holy ones of Israel could reach beyond.  We don't know anymore.

When the gedolim of the generations learned with Eliyahu HaNavi or acted with Ruach HaKodesh, we had no doubts. Now these are warm stories that give us longing for something lost.

When the Baal Shem Tov ascended (in soul) to Moshiach's palace to ask "when?", we cried that the answer wasn't "today, mamash!".  Today we SCOFF that someone might communicate beyond this earthly realm.

When we learn from the Gemora, from historical stories, from chassidic stories, from non-chassidic stories, that our ancestors - distant and more recent - would pray and CRY OUT to Hashem, we sigh and say "yes, that's how a Jew acts"...

But if we hear a Jew crying out to Hashem, in shul, on the street, even in the field, WE THINK HE'S CRAZY.  Who in their right mind actually requests their needs - right here right now, in this day and age - to G-d???

If we see someone walking down the street talking without a companion, we check his ear for a bluetooth wireless headset.  If found, he's normal.  If he's talking without one, we change sides of the street because SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG.

Gevald.  A Jew talking to G-d nowadays MUST BE CRAZY.  It's not normal.  Avoid.  Turn away.  Watch out, strangeness to be avoided.


We can learn Torah and never say "G-d, help me understand".  We can do a mitzvah and never (really) direct it to G-d.  We can be a Jew, non-religious or even religious, and never actually be involved with G-d!

We've gotten very far away.  So far that even to see or hear someone interacting with G-d makes us uncomfortable.  Stories, ok.  History, alright.  Right now in front of us, weird.

We are so far away we can't even relate to being close anymore.



  1. The Torah commands us to call on the Name of G-d, יהוה, not say haShem. I know why we cannot get close to Him, but no one here listens. I get censored. Anyway, let's just hope that יהוה has some mercy on us and the geulah when unleashed is not as harsh as the Prophets speak of. Somehow I don't think it will happen the easy way.

    Not only is this article good, maybe we can take it a little further with a different example. If a Jew is identified by יהוה as being kosher (Yes, He does communicate with us if we listen), he will be suppressed, ignored, hated and thought of as not having all his screws in place because of what will happen to him is way beyond the scope of what we can handle. But, it has happened and the latter takes place daily. We just don't understand much when it all comes down to it, do we.

  2. Rabbi Akiva is talking my language. I believe. I talk about these things too. What do I get? The non-Jews around me say, "He's nuts!" and treat me like a pariah.

    "Boy! If you ain't into Church and Monster Trucks and killing Bambi and drinking beer and spitting chew, then you're just not a G-d blessed American!" It makes me want to vomit. Yep, I'm crazy; hence, the moniker.

    (No, I don't really have any Jews to interact with here. Yes, there's a Chabad House enhancing the Jewish community on the other side of the Metro, but that's well out of my neck of the woods.)

  3. Akiva, take an hour if you can and listen to Prof Gil-White on the Tamar Yonah Show on Arutz Sheva English. He has a site too. He is not Jewish but he has information that we must be aware of. Todah.


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