Sunday, April 04, 2010

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My Family Subject to a War Crime

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

On Thursday, April 1, 2010 my family, comprised of a group of unarmed civilians (including women and children), was attacked by a war event launched from Gaza. We were located in Israel, in the Ashkelon beach area, visiting the Caananite Fortress of Ashkelon - the oldest arched city gate in the world (a site of World Heritage).

We were not within 5 kilometers of any military site, nor within 3 kilometers of any major industrial site. We were in a purely civilian area, a park. During this time a Kassam rocket was launched from the Gaza strip that struck this area.

The intentional targeting of civilians during a war is a war crime. The intentional targeting of civilians during a non-war is a causus belli for the legal imposition of war.

On behalf of myself and my family, I am requesting the United Nations, UNESCO (the United Nations Word Heritage Centre), and the UN Security Council, to immediately investigate this war crime, issue a report and then warrants for the arrest of the perpetrators.

If such an investigation were to find that there is not a "state of war" situation, then I am asking that the United Nations Security Council acknowledge the State of Israel has a causus belli for declaring war upon the acting regime of the Gaza Strip.

I await the involvement of prominent international jurists to undertake the investigation.

This is not a joke. I have attempted to find how to file such a war crimes report to the United Nations, but so far have not found a facility for doing so.

I mentioned this to someone on Shabbos, who responded "You must have been terrified." No, I am angry. Angry as there was NO military purpose in their attack. This was a DIRECT attempt to kill innocent civilians, men, women, and children. It was not targeting military infrastructure, or soldiers, or economic / manufacturing infrastructure. It was targeting Jewish children.

Well United Nations, will you stand up and listen?

Below are pictures from the site during our visit, showing the purely civilian area and heritage site.

Ashkelon beach state park.

The Caanite mud-brick city gate, oldest such in the world. (Supporting structures added as it was uncovered.)


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