Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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If We Are Supposed to Forget…

Tefilot in Meron by kever Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai on Lag B'Omer? We can carry yours, here.

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths


The Talmud[i] tells us that G-d sends an angel to the womb to teach the baby "the entire Torah, all of it." Then, just before the baby is born, the angel taps it on its upper lip, and the baby forgets all that was learned. If we are made to forget everything, what was the purpose in teaching it to us?


This forgetting is not a complete forgetting. We keep that information deep inside our souls. This helps us to relearn it later.

This is like having had a dear friend when you were a small child. He moved away and you completely forgot him. Many years later, you meet him again, and although he does not look the same, there is something familiar about him. After you talk for a while, you begin to recognize him. Soon the sweet memories that are buried in your subconscious float up to the surface and you say, "Ah! Now, I remember you."

Not only is the entire Torah buried deep within our souls. Before G-d first apportions a "ray" of Himself into the entity that is to become the "soul," that portion of G-d on High is entirely aware of Its holy nature. It is only when the soul is in the body, and closely related to the body does it forget who it actually is. This allows the person to have free will.

Just as the child will remember the Torah when he meets it again later in life, so will the soul remember its holy beginnings when it is exposed to holiness later in life. It is our job to bring holiness into our lives, so we can remind our soul who it actually is. Then the light of the true holy nature of the soul will radiate throughout and around that person.

Be careful, though. The soul also has an animal aspect, and when we bring animal behavior into our lives, we remind our animal soul of its identity, too. Then the animal nature of the soul will radiate throughout and around that person!

[i] Gemora Niddah 30b


Anonymous said...

Blessings R. thanks for another inspiring lesson and an eye opener.
could you please tell me what happens to gentile babies. are we taught the 7 laws before we are born? thanks. from a noahide.theresa

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