Wednesday, April 07, 2010

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Have You Thought About Israel or Jerusalem Today?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

(OMG, another pro-Israel pro-Aliyah article, argh. ...Maybe not, read on.)

Have you thought about Israel or Jerusalem today? "Why would I" you ask?

You have a choice. You can strive for the connection to Israel, the increased holiness of Israel and even more so of Jerusalem. This is a daily part of Judaism, in the thrice daily prayers, in the blessings after a meal, what we remember at every wedding and (try to) include at every funeral. What we point out (physically) as we dedicate every new home (or should per the Shulchan Aruch).

Perhaps you think it's too distant, it's not part of your life, not part of your goals. The words are there in your tefilot (prayers), but how can you - born and raised in the US, or England, or France, South Africa, Australia, etc, how can you be expected to relate to a foreign land, a foreign culture, a foreign people?

Yet it seems we're not being given much choice. If you're Jewish, you ARE going to be involved with Israel. The choice that remains is how.

Will your involvement be listening to world leaders attack Israel weekly? Will your involvement be almost daily HEADLINE anti-Israel reports? Will you wonder what's the big deal about Israel where reports of the action of one lone soldier or one single house foundation rate above war reports, genocide reports, revolutions, protests, natural and environmental disasters?

You have a choice. Be involved with Israel, or join the protest against Israel. But ignore Israel? If Judaism isn't enough, and if the bible isn't enough, the headline news seems determined to make sure it will be in your face.

...And that's not an accident.


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