Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Getting Ready for Lag B'Omer

All over Israel children are getting ready for Lag B'Omer (see picture below from Reb Gutman Locks of girls getting ready in the Old City, Jerusalem).

We're getting ready also to, G-d willing, provide you an excellent on-the-site live from Meron experience. Live from Meron here at Mystical Paths!

We'll be, G-d willing, uploading photos every hour (or so), live-casting for an hour or so, and uploading video (more delay for processing)!!!

Please support our efforts (help offset our costs) and/or have us carry your kvittel (prayer request) to Rashbi in Meron and the Ari'zal in Tzfat, do so right here: (all profits will support Yesh Ma L'asot and Yeshiva Nishmat Shlomo.)


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