Sunday, April 11, 2010


Gasp Gag Cough

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Recently the IDF announced they're re-distributing the Gas Mask / Chemical Warfare protection kits (updated model) that they had distributed to all citizens in Israel around 12 years ago. Today I know why...

Tel Aviv, today.

No, that's not fog. It's not smog, though the effects on breathing are similar. It's a desert dust storm blown up from the Sinai desert...

I wish I had a gas mask with me. Choke. Cough. Gasp.


Devorah said...

At least Israeli dust is white... when we have a dust storm in Australia, it's red.

crazy smade said...

Okay, and today I read about the issue of the planned desalination plant in Ashdod. I really don't understand this whole socialist water company thing. Is that sort of infrastructure industry keep out of the hands of private companies? I really don't understand how anything works in Israel. The technology is there to terraform the desert into Gan Eden. So, why is the desert still a desert in so many places? Are there Orthodox kibbutzim? Do the Breslov have farmers and ranchers? Do they have communities out in the country or is everyone forced to find homes and jobs where they can here-and-there in various cities? Can one own land and/or a house? Are there even plans to build a self-sufficient Breslover community or does such a thing already exist? Is it a lack of funds or government red-tape or is there a bias against letting the Orthodox do anything except study? If the Breslov had the funds and wanted to settle the Uvda Valley and farm it, could they? Clue us in, okay? I'd really like to understand how things work there, especially among the Breslov and other Hasidim.

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