Monday, March 08, 2010


We've Got Threat Mail

(Click to see Insulting Picture Included) -- Usurper regime of Israel is a usurper regime forced turbulence Muslim world and confiscation of millions out of the Land is!

Israel is a terrorist regime for crimes that are committed. The brutal killing civilians; the soil and draw blood innocent children and women, defense, and hundreds of terrorist incident around the world and other disasters of this kind!

We are anti-Zionism
We say a terrorist and Israel, far from human perspiration.
We want this regime to deterioration and destruction of the murderer reach our desire that this disgraceful stain from the Middle East and dirty to clean.

Yet the mission of the criminal regime of occupation, aggression, war, luminous and preparing the grounds of unjust world cause the world to humiliate and insult to the whole humanity!

We name the sinister regime to delete the map!!!

We have certainty and Palestine will be free indeed to the people and there will be the Palestinian state will be formed and the future of Middle East will be.

No doubt that the victory of brave men, 22 days of the war in Palestine by Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas in the victory of the war 33 days showed that eliminating Hamas is not a dream but the fact that the promise to fulfill the promise God gives Hezbollah!

And counting the picture to eliminate the Zionist regime has begun.

...We do not worry. Not because they have a really lousy auto-translator. Not because we take comfort in the IDF. Certainly not because of hope in support from the United States.

We do not rely upon chariots and upon horses, but upon the name of Hashem.


ChaimJ said...

they seem not to smart...

and totally agree with that conclusion!

May Hashem wipe out evil from the Earth and reveal the hidden goodness and bring on the geulah!

Neshama said...

Akiva: Oomine! Amen! Aamein!

Anonymous said...

would you please consider removing the offensive photo? this is free advertising for those slime who wrote you. it's very upsetting to see such a photo on his holy blog

Akiva said...

The photo was part of the threat mail.

sm said...

May Hashem redeem us soon

crazy smade said...

I guess the fact that more than a few of these so-called Palestinians are actually descendants of Jews - who converted to Islam to save life, limb and/or land - just doesn't seem to matter to these anti-Zionist and pro-Hamas Arabs.

I think Rabbi Lazer Brody posted about this on his blog, no?

Jews Are The Genetic Brothers Of Palestinians, Syrians, And Lebanese

Bedouin Sheikh – My Ancestors Were Jewish

Death Threats against Bedouin with Jewish Ancestry

miriam said...

Mazal tov. You must be doing something right.

Anonymous said...

i understand the photo was part of the threat mail..but it is so disturbing by itself, much less to give the slime free 'advertising' for their hateful message.
see what i mean? maybe you will take the photo down. no need to give those mamzerim any extra 'views'.

Anonymous said...

re: anon's last comment -there are a lot of people who may have suddenly found themselves or their children in the position of being mamzerim-please don't insult mamzerim. Call the Jew haters Jew haters or call them scumbuckets or pond-scum or bottom-dwelllers or some other word that will not hurt another group of people. Toda Raba Re: the hate mail may all their hate be obliterated in the light of the Shechina.

Anonymous said...

please please remove the very upsetting photo. why give the slime free publicity while at the same time creating stress for the jewish souls looking at your blog?
i come to this blog for kedusha. if i wanted to see slime, there are plenty of places on the net who hate jews.
please, please remove the photo, it is not a kiddush Hashem to print such images! please!!!
it is not healthy for you or for am yisrael!!! please!!!!!

Anonymous said...

would rabbi shalom arush approve of such a photo on a holy blog?
i don't think so.
what wold he say?
that images go to the eyes and affect the soul. this is also part of shomrat eynaim!!!

Zvika said...

The flag of the State of Israel doesn't have any inherent holiness of any kind. Is it supposed to stand for something holy? Absolutely, but 3/4s of Israelis and Jews can't tell you what that is. Is it offensive? Yes. I say leave the picture - it is what it is and I can think of images much more offensive than feet on an Israeli flag. Maybe I'm desensitized to it, but it's so common for people to burn the Israeli flag in effigy and stomp on it that it doesn't have any meaning at this point other than showing uncontrollable rage and immaturity of those doing so.

As for the message itself, it's almost worthy of going up on for the fact that it makes no sense whatsoever.

And with that, I need to get moving to get ready for Shabbos.

A Guten Shabbos to all.

Anonymous said...

last night i was davening...and the image of this flag with boots came to me and was very disturbing. for the sake of the jewish people, please remove it. i know you have sensitivity to know that an image that hurts people should not be posted. there are many places on the net if people want to see such things. it is not appropriate for your blog. please remove it.

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