Monday, March 15, 2010


Stands Alone

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

In the blink of an eye Israel moved from having a big brother ally to standing alone. What happened? Israel announced construction in Jewish Jerusalem during Vice President Biden's visit.

Not "East Jerusalem". Not a mixed Arab/Jewish neighborhood. An empty Northern Jerusalem hilltop that was developed into a Jewish neighborhood over the past 20 years. (Neighborhood = 30,000 residents.)

THERE IS NO CONCEIVABLE PEACE MODEL IN WHICH NORTHERN JERUSALEM IS EVACUATED BY ISRAEL. The ONLY models where this happens (G-d forbid) are Israel's subjugation or Israel's destruction.

That being the case, what is the current US - Israel diplomatic row about? An empirical analysis finds a few limited possibilities:

1 - An imperial presidency is insulted that a client state had the nerve to create a situation in conflict with the presidency's goals. It's "insulting". Similar moves by the Palestinians (naming a public square after a murderer of Israeli civilians and Americans!), Iranians, Russians or Venezuelans are ok because they're not client states.

2 - The current US administration has (unstated) policy goals that require Israel to be sacrificed. Frankly, this is perfectly ok - the US administration should be tending to US goals.

3 - The US administration is 'peeved' that they've lost perceived Middle East influence and they're throwing a tantrum (Chicago politics style).

The cause and motivation is irrelevant at this point. A commentor on a topical news article wrote, "Wake up idiot - these are the only friends left to Israel. If you havn't noticed Israel has turned a rouge state for the last year and half - you want to turn the only people who still are talking to you into enemies? be my guest."

This is a bit of a problem for two reasons. First, if actions such as defending yourself (as humanly as possible in this world) from a rain of rockets and building in clearly Jewish areas turns away friends - then they aren't friends. Second, if these types of actions cause this level of row, then literally it's impossible to live and please such "friends".

Net net, Israel has just learned a lesson. The Jewish people STAND ALONE with on their Father in Heaven. Friends are transient at best and are happy to use you when they have their own concerns.

The issue is JERUSALEM. We've come to the heart of the matter. And Israel is being given a choice...cut out it's heart and hand it to it's 'friend' (who will hand it to it's enemy), or stand up for itself and stand ONLY with Hashem.

The Hurva synagogue, torn down 3 times by the Arabs (the last time blown up by the Jordanians in 1949) is being rededicated today. It stands as the highest structure in the Old City Jerusalem. It is NOT accidental that on the day it's rededicated the Arabs are rioting and the US administration is demanding that ALL building be stopped in ALL of Jerusalem.

Mi Hashem Ayli - whoever is for Hashem must stand with Jerusalem.

A private message for Prime Minister Netanyahu: Mr. Prime Minister, this past Shabbos, as all this row blew up, we finished a sefer of chumash in synagogue and said Hazak Hazak v'nisChazek. 3 times be strong! Do not give an inch, for there is little left to give and be assured Israel will survive. And so far everything has been given only for a pot of lentils.

You find yourself in an uncomfortable position for secular Israel, stand with Hashem or stand with a 'friend' who clearly doesn't have Israel's interests at heart? Be strong, be Jewish, stand with Hashem.


1 - Satellite photo of Ramat Shlomo neighborhood of Jerusalem.
2 - Headline, David Axelrod trying to snow the US public.
3 - DrudgeReport, Indonesians riot against Obama for a minor perceived insult.
4 - Hurva synagogue, Kikar Shabbat photo shoot of the rededication.


  1. Boker Tov Akiva. Preasure is warming up. Hope the 'leaders' wake up soon. Did you enjoy the "blue lightening" and incredible rain over Purim. Interesting talk in the Synagogues about it, no? Have a wondeful week.

  2. Shilo: Was that "Blue and White" lightening? Blue and White is the Israeli flag; was 'mother nature' waving a flag over Jerusalem?

    The US (far leftist govt) is so arrogant it's amazing they don't turn into cinder from the heat! The admin is divorced from reality and on the virtual edge of the plank with their health bill, and that the italian tokyo rose is at everyone's throat with a political dagger.

    Did you see the other incendiary article by Thomas Friedman in the WSJ? This whole 'attack' was orchestrated by R.E.

    I wish someone would corner Bibi and ask him why the govt doesn't just turn away and ignore the US?

  3. Neshama, don't know about the flag, points to something to do with the coming Mashiach. Nice that almost a years worth of rain fell there too at the same time. Blessing, no? It was wonderful to be there for it. Chodesh Tov.


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