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by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

We were recently 'accused' of being very aliyah (moving to Israel) encouraging. Since we don't write articles specifically on the topic of aliyah, I had to think a bit to figure out what was so pro-aliyah about Mystical Paths. I think I've got it, it's the beautiful land of Israel photos! That being the case, I guess this is a pro-aliyah post...

The corn poppy is an incredibly beautiful vibrant red flower. In the Holy Land, as soon as the winter rains slow down and a few warm days come, the corn poppy pops up as a prime wildflower all over Israel...

These poppies are such a vibrant red that I have to tone down the digital camera color recognition, otherwise they appear as a blur...

The fields are briefly alive with spots of red. Hills, sides of roads, scrub areas...bright red everywhere...

Then, as fast as they appeared they're gone. A few days of buds, 1-2 weeks of red...then they're but a memory...until next year.


  1. NU - whats wrong with being aliyah encouraging? Thats something to be proud of!

    There are "problems" anywhere you could live in the world. Here you can live with the constant miracles that are evident if you take the time to look. Here you can help your fellow Jew - and be helped by your brother, and really feel the love and the unity. Its all right there - Hashem provides it for you.

  2. Yes, Spring is on the way. The sun this am was so beautiful I was carried away to Israel. Now these pictures confirm my feelings. Just so beautiful. B"H

    Keep the pics coming!

  3. you should be zoche to bring zillions of jews home.

  4. Amen to what Yaakov wrote. Besides the amazing poppies there's beautiful mustard plants everywhere with their pretty little yellow flowers AND the leaves are edible and healthy and FREE.When I first arrived in Israel it was in the flower surge after the poppies and mustard around Pesach time. I was amazed how wildflowers where popping up everywhere, at the side of the road, in a garbage dump and in parks and fields- flowers flowers flowers. Really beautiful really amazing! Israel: where even the weeds are beautiful and nutricious

  5. What turns people off to your blog (me included) is your make-aliyah-or-die attitude that you share with Lazer Brody, Shalom Arush and Amnon Yitzchak. It gets tiring after a while. Quit the posts about Gog and Magog and Obama. You might get more readers that way.

  6. Last Anonymous...as far as I know we publish very little in that mode. Yes we do talk about Gog uMagog on occasion, as a lead in to Geulah. Not much about Obama either (maybe 1 political post every 2 weeks?)

    However, maybe we are unintentionally giving out that attitude. Could you point out some posts over the last month or two that you'd say fit that model? I'm interested to understand the impressions we give out.

  7. I'm the last anonymous. I figure I might as well come out with and identify myself.

    As it's Friday and a really short day in Israel, I don't have time right now to read through the blog and see what's there. There's just too much to do today. I'll tell you what, I'll keep reading your blog in the meantime and the next time I see something I'll point it out. I can tell you this: I recall a huge spate of postings from right around Obama election and then several posts from April 2009 that were all about making aliyah-or-die, Obama being Gog as well as quoting autistic children as if they are Nevi'im (something the Gedolim specifically warned us against in every single haskama to those books about them). Shabbat Shalom.


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