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Pesach , Matzah, Maror

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

What does it it mean in our generation,i.e.The Haggadah?

Reb Nati's Shabbos HaGedol Drush

Adom the first man, ate from the Etz HaDa'as, the Tree of knowledge. It's fruit, in fact was ordinary grain, (Sandhedrin 70b). But, the simple fact that Hashem forbade it, made it the "forbidden tree." The germatria of CHaMeTZ levened bread, added to Se'OR levening, equals 639, also the numerical value of ETZ HaDA'aT is 639.

When adom ate from it, he ate leavened bread He had his taste of G-dlessness. Experiencing what he saw as evil this impaired his Awareness.

This, then, is the Matzah, the unleavened bread. Symbolizing Perfection of Da'as. Of intimate knowledge. Of Awareness. And of eperience. And of knowing that all it is Divine Grace. Knowing that all our experiences are one That it is all Hashem Himself, (Likutey Moharan I,4).

This is beyond human intellect but then again Hashem is above reason. We can reach Him only with intimate Knowledge, only by the experience of the heart only through Emotion (likutey Moharan I 33:4). On Pesach we Matzah. But we must make sure to "eat" the matzah of perfected Da'at. in doing so, we rectify Adom misconception IE his "leavened bread"(Bnei Yissaschar, Nisan 8:4,7).

And this is the story of Pesach. The story of Creation. Of the continual and continuous Process of Creation. Adom, Man, Knew of Creation. But he fell. He could not raise himself up again. For He could not forget his passed deed. He was overburdened with guilt. Adom was unaware of creation as being NOW! So, when Hashem appeared in MItzrayim, His message to the Jewish people was- N
OW is another Creation! And, in changing the "laws of nature", He showed - I have changed Nature- so now you can change yours!

In each every generation there is a new creation. Jewishness is not something which only took place it is something that is continuously taking place every wher noit just in some far away land. It is also not a franchise of those who claim an unbroken chian of tradition. Infact, ture Jewishness is not to be found in the laurels of those of us whose "Jewishnwss" begins and ends with an unspoken flaunting of tradition. Neither can it be found in the sale Jewishness of yesterday. No matter how enthused we were then - today, yesterday is gone, and we must start again. Creation is a Process.

And by the way so is Jewishness!

Jewishness is Here! Jewishness is Now! And Jewishness is with You! And within You! Every Jewish soul is in some way relives the entire story of Creation. All of it the Creation, the Fall of man, the Flood, the Exodus... (Likutey Halachot, Ona'ah 3:1; Shiluach Haken 4:61).

But this time, each time, with our lives the story is ours to rewrite.

Shabbos HaGedol is the time to transcend the Illusionary constrictions of the mind. To cease living out the srcipt of limited human/self awareness, and to forget the past and begin again to be Jewish. Now! Shabbos HaGedol is the time to begin again and to truly get ready for our immediate and complete Redemption, you need to see. You are and can become aware of the fact that we are already redeemed we just have not woken up to it!

Something to think about? Hashem has sent, A Moshe in every generation to bring us out! We just are unaware of it! So the solution is, that, just like Hashem changed nature to bring us out of Mitzrayim. We need and can change our nature and come out of this Golus , NU! So what are you waiting for?

Come join me in the land of freedom, Gut Shabbos and Blessings, Have Kosher and Joyful and meaningful Pesach. And Remember It's for the kids so lighten up and sit down and make it fun and meaningful for them so as that they can can feel and see and come out!

Reb Nati


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