Monday, March 08, 2010


From the Kotel: Marry a Jewish Girl

Video by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths


Anonymous said...

Cute vid :)

Also, besides having Jewish kids, the Jewish wife also fulfills mitzvos like lighting Shabbos candles that Non Jews can't fulfill. - While there are some things that anyone can do if they want, like kosher, - Shabbos is ours. And the The Jewish wife needs a Jewish man. When he learns, both spouses earn the mitzvah. - The importance of Jewish survival is so we keep Torah which spiritually helps the world


Shiloh said...

Nice, but why not refer to the Torah which is clear on it. My brother in law was very interested in marrying a nice girl who happened to maybeeeeee have some relative who may have been Jewish. After meeting her, I tried to explain to him that she was not Jewish nor was her neshamah Jewish. She enrolled in conversion classes in Israel as I stood firm as to what I knew about her. In the end, she quit the classes, she left Israel and quickly married a fellow whom also was not Jewish back in her home of Russia. Thank G-d!!!! My brother in law was so mad at me and we had not spoken for over 2 years. Today, he sincerely thanked me as he now today understands why I said what I did. He would do anything for me. Hopefully soon enough he will find the one that haShem will send who is Jewish. I did what I had to in order to protect him, his future family and future Jewish wife.

Brooklyn said...

I really enjoyed the video and watched it until the end. Thank you.

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