Friday, March 26, 2010


It Won't Be Long Now

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

Just now, on my way to the makolet (grocery store), I saw a family of Americans Jews wheeling their suitcases into the Rova (Quarter). They were a religious family so they had a bunch of kids, and each one of them was pulling a suitcase as big as he or she could handle. They were rushing over the bumpy stone street, hurrying to their apartment to begin the preparations for the Pesach Seder. Everyone one of them was smiling a huge smile.

When the Moshiach comes at least 15 million of us are going to be rolling our suitcases into Jerusalem for the Pesach Seder, and every one of us is going to be smiling a huge smile. Stay tuned. It won't be long now.


  1. To the entire Mystical Family:
    Good Shabbos
    Shabbat Shalom
    A Kosher n'Zissen Pesach
    Chag Kasher v'Samayeach

    The app is into nbn, couple items to smooth over, then to pick a date and pack the bags: hold on, we coming soon!!

    To the Jews in America, pack your bags while you can, the שִׁעבּוּד is coming before the geula!

  2. And here we go....

    When I first saw the title of this post, I said to myself, "Here they go again with the Aliyah or Die/Obama's Gog business". Then I read the post. I highly suggest not titling posts like you did on this one simply because people will get the wrong idea. As for the post itself, G-d willing in its proper time and only in its proper time (That doesn't mean I am one of those people who doesn't want Moshiach to come early, I'm simply one of those who doesn't think it's a good idea to force things to happen before we're ready).

    Neshama, those kinds of comments like the one at the end of your comment are not helpful. It's that kind of alarmism that makes this blog lose readers, creates panic and overall upsets people. I am going to be Dan L'Kaf Zechut that you aren't one of those people who believes everything that Amnon Yitzhak, Shlomo Arush, Lazer Brody and the so called "autistic Nevi'im" say and assume this is just Pre-Aliyah excitement, which I hope continues and never fades. However, I think that type of comment is counter-productive.

    (PS - If you want to know more about what Aliyah is really like, goto my blog,

  3. Zvika, I think it is liberal jews like you who are making other jews leave United States. You are no better then those Jews who voted for Stalin and ended up killing millions of their own people. Personally, you Obama loving idiots make me sick.

  4. After reading the above comment that sounded to harsh. I apologize for the above comment.

  5. Gee, seems this is a 'sizzling hot topic'! I wonder why? I don't think urging people to come and invest in building Eretz Yisrael, populate our G-d given yerusha; rebuild our Holy Land, stone by stone; share our many golus experiences together with other members of the Tribes; and experience more Mitzvos not done in chutz l'Aretz, and a host of other healthy religious and spiritual experiences that make up daily living in Eretz HaKodesh. Why, if Rav Kanievsky endorsed the attempt to bring a Korban this Pesach (but which was dropped for various reasons) and maybe once the majority of Jews are back in their Land more things will become a natural fulfillment?

    Maybe more introspection on the part of those that talk against this wonderful historical process that is occurring is in order.

  6. First of all, Anonymous, I live in Israel - I made Aliyah a year and several months ago, so unless you also live in Israel, I will play holier-than-thou for a moment and say "What's your excuse?" I think Obama has ruined what might have been one of the greatest countries ever with the passage of that stupid bill this past week. I did not vote for the man (I'm a Libertarian in US politics); in fact, I made Aliyah two months after he was elected. Don't assume I am a "liberal Jew". You don't know what I have endured during my Klitah process (my blog only talks about some things) - I have endured things no one should have to go through and they have changed my views significantly. I want people to make Aliyah, but I don't want them to endure what I have endured and thus I tell them to calm down and think about it very carefully. I'm lucky I made Aliyah at a young age - I can endure and adapt very easily. However, older people will not have it so easy and thus they must be prepared. That is what my blog is meant to do.

    Second, as for my objections to alarmism, I object on the grounds that fear is a powerful motivator and should not be used except for very extreme circumstances. Alarmism can also turn people off completely. I'm in favor of an approach that is positive - tell people the good of living in Israel - which for the most part this blog does and I applaud them for it. I have stories that would make people smile and make them want to come here in a heartbeat. However, the alarmism concerning Obama being Gog, an imminent 2nd Holocaust and the like gets tiring. In addition, I'm not a fan of trying to figure out when Moshiach will come, the Bible Codes, etc. Why? Because Chaza"l and a huge number of Gedolim from the past said not to (Yes, I am aware that there are other opinions). There is another reason, but I will not discuss it on this blog because it could be Lashon Hara, and consequently I will only share it with certain people who have my confidence.

    Finally, Neshama, once again, I hope your excitement regarding Aliyah never wanes.

    And with that, I have to go Daven, sell my Chametz and get ready to goto Jerusalem for the Seder. A Chag Sameach/Gutten Yom Tov to everyone!

  7. Zvika... Ditto. Great post.


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