Friday, March 05, 2010


Israel Views: The Peace Train

Photos by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

HaShalom Train Station in Tel Aviv is not so named for Peace purposes (Shalom meaning Peace), but because it's location on Derech HaShalom (The Peace Boulevard). Intentional or not, it's worth noting that Israeli Army Headquarters is also on Derech HaShalom.

Find your way...

HaShalom station is marble and glass with a geometric curved roof. Kind of neat...

Americana comes to Israel...The Gap invades with stores in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem...

The train station sits on a highway overpass, the trains running between the highway lanes and next to the channeled HaYarkon river - dry most of the year but an actual river after recent heavy rains...

...and with that I had to run downstairs and catch my train home.


  1. You are really taking a train home from TA to RBS?

    This invasion of American gashmius is just too much! Aren't Israelis satisfied with homemade or european made things? Do they really need the gap? Israeli babies and kiddies always have been beautifully dressed. OR are they bringing in teen and y-adult clothing also?

  2. Americana is the fancy exclusive thing in Israel. French stuff is just...local, German is industrial.

    And yes, it's the full line, Baby Gap, Gap Kids, and The Gap.


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