Wednesday, March 03, 2010


From the Kotel: Pray for Your Family

A new short video series by Reb Gutman Locks...Wisdom from the Kotel. Enjoy.


  1. beautifully done!!!
    kol ha kavod!!
    what an incredible mitzvah to mekarev our brothers with tefilin at the kotel!!!!

  2. to to gutman locks youtube channel to see other great videos at the kotel!!

  3. Excellent -- I look forward to more installments.

  4. The best!
    Kol hakavod!!! & Thank You!

  5. kotel is such a special place, there are so many people praying with true kavana, and so many people praying for lives of their sons and daughters, its so weired to go through them and put your peace of paper to kotel with your small stupid wish while there are people with tears on their eyes praying around...


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