Sunday, March 14, 2010


East Jerusalem? Check Your Directions Clinton!

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Why can't anyone talking about Jerusalem get their directions straight? Just for reference, East Jerusalem would be to the...East. When speaking of areas north of Jerusalem or south of Jerusalem, perhaps it would be more appropriate to say "North" or "South" Jerusalem instead of the completely inaccurate "Occupied East Jerusalem". Not only is the occupied inaccurate, but so is the simple map direction! See here...

This map is VERY interesting. It identifies those parts of Jerusalem previously the Jordanians from 1949 until 1967.

- The top BLUE circle identifies the area that the US is screaming about right now, Ramat Shlomo. It is NOT part of what EVER was "occupied East Jerusalem". And it's not east, it's north!

- The bottom BLUE circle identifies Gilo, the area they were screaming about 6 months ago. It's also NOT part of what EVER was "occupied East Jerusalem". And it's also not east, it's south!

- The little blue circle to the right in the previously Jordanian occupied area is the Shimon HaTzadik / Sheik Jarah neighborhood, where the Jewish residents were slaughtered and exiled - their homes occupied by Arabs illegally since 1949. After 1967, the Arabs were permitted to stay but pay rent to the (descendants of the) owners. Having not paid the rent for over 40 years, they're being threatened with expulsion. Naturally they are protesting this racist action of not being able to keep and stay in expropriated proprieties as spoils of war.

If the news can't even get the directions straight, why should we believe anything else?

(Map courtesy of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.)


Neshama said...

You're so right, and its infuriating the smearing campaign is picking up steam so they can pressure our PM into apologetically 'giving in' to their demeaning and dangerous wishes. I just had to let her have it, and I did with my comment at 14:10 3/14 at
the Hill [comment 69]!

Yonatan said...

Link to your post at EretzYisrael.

Thanks for finding the map, SOOOO much being shoveled to the public that isn't even close to the truth.

May we receive the full and final redemption this Pesach!

ytba said...


They don't have to have any real meaning. They just have to be convincing enough to appear to be real.

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