Monday, February 15, 2010


Yoga and Idolatry

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

Preface by Reb Akiva...

There's a complete masechta of Shas on Avoda Zara (the prohibition of idol worship). The penalty for avoda zara is kares from Shamayim, and skila (stoning to death) by the Sanhedrin in this world. Avoda Zara is one of the 3 mitzvot for which one must give their lives rather than be forced to commit.

It is not a minor matter and not to be taken lightly. It is not batul b'shishim (nullified by only being a little bit, literally 1 in 60 parts).

Jews who live in the West are no longer familiar with the various intricacies of avoda zarah, as the majority religion(s) of the Western world and Arab world do not include most of the numerous avoda zarah practices of the past.

This is NOT true of those who spend time in Asia and much of Africa, the East. The many idol worshiping practices described in the Gemora are alive and well. And some of them are embedded within yoga.

As religious Jews who eat glatt kosher and protect themselves from the slightest injury to the cow, who drink mehadrin wine protected from the merest inappropriate touch or even view, who wouldn't accept the slightest bit of red dye number 40 - not even a single drop in a vat of 10,000 gallons - as it's derived from an insect and batul b'shishim doesn't apply to intentional ingredients, who hold by the stringencies of chalav yisroel, pas yisroel, bishul yisroel, and even yoshon!

If the knife in shechita has the slightest knick, the SLIGHTEST, it's treif. If the meat is transferred without a seal, it's treif. If the wine is open and accessible with others around, it's treif. If it's (not mevushal and) even picked up by someone not Shomer Shabbat, it's treif.

Yet religious Jews and rabbis would argue it's zealotry to be concerned that there's touches of idolatry in "kosher" yoga programs (and definitely idolatry in regular yoga programs)?

"Hey, it's just exercises." It's just a knife. It's just a bottle of wine. It's just a yogurt. It's just a bug on the leaf. It's just a little linen in the wool suite... (end of preface)

Idolatry is not merely a social or cultural corruption. The idolater’s physical and spiritual realities become defiled when he practices those distortions. Although there are no false gods, there is idolatry. And although idols have no power, unclean powers do exist, and there is magic, and even worse.

Some say that these things have no real power, but many more say that, indeed, these powers do exist. If you read Coming Back To Earth[i], you will see how I know that these powers are real and that they still exist today.

One example; (and I am writing this only so you will take the rest of this article to heart). In the summer of 1972, I sat on a park bench at the corner of 86th street and Central Park West in New York City. I did not speak. I just sat there. After a few days, I looked up and saw some 125 people whom I did not know sitting silently on the sidewalk in front of me. Alan Ginsberg, the well known poet, was lying there, spread out on his face, worshiping me. Ram Das (Richard Alpert), the famous 1960’s guru, was washing my feet, and Peter Max was painting my picture. There were a number of television crews trying to record me while I just sat there, not talking. The reporters and camera crews were climbing over the crowd, struggling to get close enough to ask me a question.

This is what they asked: “What is this power that we feel coming from you?”

I had been in India for a couple of years, meditating and learning the ways of the East. I picked up one of their “mystical” (unclean) powers.[ii]

When you do those Eastern practices intensely, one of the many strange experiences that you might have is that you feel energy, which they call “life-force”, or prana, moving within your body. When it is on the upswing, you feel strong. A tremendous feeling of wellbeing fills your mind and body. But then it wanes, and you feel weak and cold, as if your very life is draining out through your fingers. It is a terrible experience. Once, because of this practice, I clenched my hands in fists for five months, unable to open them, until they cracked and bled!

Don’t worry, they have a remedy. If you are “fortunate,” the gurus share their secret with you. “Touch your thumbs to your forefingers, especially when you meditate. This will stop the draining by recycling your life-force back into your body.”

“Thank G-d! Thank G-d!” you think. But then, after some time, maybe a month, a year, a lifetime, you begin to wonder, “Why do I have to hold my thumbs to my forefingers in order to keep my life-force in my body?”

Now look at the picture (above) that is featured on the Web site COLLIVE. You see what appears to be a religious Jewish man who says that he is teaching “kosher yoga meditation.” Look at his thumbs. They are purposely touching his forefingers, just as the books of Eastern idolatry teach. I doubt that he knows why his yogi guru taught him to hold his fingers like that, but I do.

Jewish meditation brings proper, higher spiritual awareness. The “life-force” that we seek is a not a waxing and waning feeling of energy that we have to keep in our body by holding our thumbs to our forefingers. Nor is it the “mystical powers” (siddhis) that the yogis lust so much. The Life-Force that we seek is Hashem, Who is everywhere at all times. It is the revelation of Hashem’s presence that we seek, not a feeling of energy or power. These energy experiences lock you into lower distinctions, and force you to ignore the Universal One. Worse yet, in the beginning, you feel like you have this amazing power, then later, you see that the amazing power has you.

There are many different types of yoga, and all of them are Hindu religious practices. For instance, besides the common hatha yoga (physical exercises and positions), there is bakti yoga which teaches devotional attachment and service to a deity. There is raja yoga which teaches the Hindu meditation techniques. There yogacara which teaches the Eastern “enlightenment,” and Jnana yoga which is the way of Hindu knowledge. One of the main goals of these yogas is “Moksha – freedom and trying to come to the realization of your identity with the Supreme Being.” This is called, “G-d realization.” Do you know who teaches this in the Torah? The Serpent in the Garden of Eden says the same thing! “…And you will be like G-d.”[iii] The “G-d realized” guru will say, “I am god.”

Actually, there is an entire yoga dedicated to this serpent and its power. It teaches a certain meditation system where you try to raise energy up your spine. This energy is called the Kudalini, or “Serpent Power.”

There is karma yoga which stresses detachment, and tantra yoga which is also called sexual yoga, on and on. There are dozens of these types of Hindu (Brahmanism) religious practices, all called yoga. How could anyone possibly say that yoga is kosher?

Their ways are not even good for the non-Jew. These idolatrous practices, even when done without spiritual awareness, are extremely dangerous. They act as antennas for unclean spiritual experiences. The insidious problem with those who defend yoga is that they do not know that there is a spiritual reality to these practices. To them, “yoga” means touching your toes and breathing deeply! They are wrong. You must not even have books, pictures, or names of these yogas in your possession. Even if you do not use them, they invite severe spiritual confusion into your life.

There are many pure, Jewish meditation techniques, and there are many fine, non-spiritual, physical and stretching exercise systems. There is no need to look to Eastern idolatry for guidance.[iv]

p.s. Today, there are many people giving spiritual opinions about dangerous things that they simply have not experienced, or experienced them superficially without real depth. For instance, one writer “proves” that yoga is not always spiritual by informing us that even karate fighters use yoga. That writer does not know that when a karate fighter gets to be a fifth degree black belt (very accomplished) he is taught to “call upon spirits” to help him with such acts as tamishewata (breaking bricks with his bare hand).

As far as the comment that if you forbid sitting cross-legged you will make all sitting forbidden, see that the yoga position is not merely cross-legged as a person would usually sit when sitting on the floor. They sit in the “lotus position.” One leg is folded over the other leg an additional time, and the arms are held in an unusual and uncomfortable position. This is a unique posture, and although no philosophy or religion owns any position, one has to ask, “Why is he sitting like that?”

If you see someone making a sign of the cross on his chest with his finger and then kiss his finger, what would you think? Even though he might be thinking, “chochma, binah, daas” (wisdom, understanding, knowledge), since that movement has for so many centuries been associated with the “catholic trinity,” a Jew should not do it [Reb Akiva adds, as a known religious practice of the gentiles a Jew is forbidden from doing it].

Their meditation practices are unhealthy, and merely changing the idolatrous words (as one well known rabbi suggests) is not enough. For instance, mantra meditation endlessly repeats a word (often the name of an idol) in order to erase, or ignore all other thoughts. This is an attempt to try to come to “singularity.” Changing the name of the idol that is being chanted to a kosher name will not make this system spiritually healthy.

This technique attempts to eliminate the mind’s function, and tries to bring the meditator to “emptiness.” Jewish meditation strives to bring you to the awareness of G-d, not emptiness. It is not just their names and their techniques that are wrong. Even their goals will take you away from proper spiritual objectives. You cannot mix in even a tiny principle of another religion, or you will pollute your spiritual life.

Reading the many articles and opinions on this subject shows just how widespread and deep the ignorance about idolatry is in the Jewish world. One woman wrote that an “Orthodox rabbi” in her yoga class has no problem with the statue of ga-nish (an Indian god that is part elephant and part person) that is in front of them when they meditate, because the “rabbi” says that he has no intention of worshipping it! We are taught not to even pick up a coin that you dropped in front of an idol, because it might look like you are bowing down to the statue.

Would that “Orthodox rabbi” sit in a treif (non kosher) restaurant, even if he did not eat anything? Of course not! Sitting in front of an idol and meditating is much worse than sitting in a treif restaurant! Sitting in a treif restaurant fools others. Sitting in front of an idol, fools others and it also fools you. He began by saying that yoga is parve –neutral - and ended up meditating in front of an actual idol!

Afterward by Reb Akiva...

There are some who shout "zealots, you would ban everything!" in response to our words on yoga. Dear rabbis who would say such, the Mishnah in Pirke Avos writes Avtalyon said: Sages, be careful with your words lest you deserve to be exiled and are exiled to a place of bad waters. The students who come after you will drink of these waters and die, and G-d's Name will be desecrated.

When YOU write on web sites representing G-d fearing Torah organizations that "yoga" is ok, or publish a picture of a chossid doing yoga, or hold a "kosher yoga" class at your school, Chabad house, outreach class, etc, YOU ARE PUTTING A HECHSHER ON YOGA.

Why do I say that? We have received tens of emails and comments about "this rabbi says yoga is ok, that rabbi says yoga is ok", etc. I doubt if I called these rabbi's up and asked them if they think Kandaline Power (Serpent Power) is an acceptable religious practice they'd say it is. Yet by endorsing even the slightest amount, they unintentionally endorse it all.

That's called maris ayin at the very least. And if they're uninformed and just endorsing what "sounds ok" without doing any research, well, what religious rabbi would eat a hashgacha he's never seen before without a little research?

"It's just exercise." No, it's not.

[i] Available from or from Amazon
[ii] Rashi, Genesis 25:6
[iii] Genesis 3:5
[iv] See Taming The Raging Mind-105 Jewish Meditation Techniques & the Mystical Experiences They Can Produce by Gutman Locks


Susan said...

Very well written substantive explanation. Thank you so much for standing up for the Truth.
Bracha v'Hatzlacha,

Devorah said...

"This technique (yoga) attempts to eliminate the mind’s function, and tries to bring the meditator to “emptiness.” "

And once you are "empty", you are vulnerable to being taken over by another entity.

thanks for the all the info Akiva, very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Blessings RGutman. thank you for this eye opener article. i am the noahide from Asia who wrote and asked for clarification. one cant separate hinduism and yoga.thanks, theresa

Akiva said...

The meditation info portion of the article is from Reb Gutman Locks, not me - who has direct experience in such things and may be the only baal teshuva former Hindu Guru.

Neshama said...

Forewarned ...
and the punishment is deepened.

RebNati said...

With all of this said. Great article!

I believe it is time to focus on the positive and redirect those who wish a kosher derek.

I want to suggest a positive proven alternative to meditation.


Itzchak said...

I've been practicing this and it's excellent and based on Sefer Yetzira..

yaakov said...

thank you; this is a very important article. note that 'yoga' et al is not healthy for non-jews either.
perhaps an additional piece on how to communicate with people who don't understand what is said here. many people are very committed to 'their yoga practice' as it helps them relax. this is understandable; however, it's these people who need to be reached so as to see that there is a healthy(read safe, jewish) alternative which can give them what they need. they may dismiss any concerns because they don't 'believe' or 'practice' "that stuff". maybe there can even be a blog/web page that includes this and other articles as well as references to books ("jewish meditation by kaplan) where people can go for information.
the problem of jewish involvement with eastern practices (and i don't mean brooklyn) is widespread, may Heaven protect us). so the need is great to post as much information on the net as possible to educate properly.

Anonymous said...

tehilim (psalms) 46 says 'be still'...tehilim 23 gives a beautiful image to contemplate: by still waters He leads me, restoring my soul. there are actually many sentences like this in tanach. let's get 'em out there for yidden to see!

Anonymous said...

neshama, i disagree with the placement of your comment. isn't it enough that a person is G-d forbid experiencing separation from doing these things....does it really help someone to read from an observant person "forwarned: the punishment is deepened". it sounds so foreboding and ominous. to me it seems unnecessarily scary for a blog read by a wide variety of people at different levels. yes, our sages say valid things about consequences, i'm not questioning that. i experience the placement of the comment as unnecessarily foreboding. just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

thank you for this article. my friends at my "other" synagogue (I have 2, but usually go to the stricter one) have a class called "Kosher Yoga" for women. The rabbi and rabbanit are making aliyah now and a new rabbi is in there. So, I am not even sure they are continuing it. But after reading this....I see that even holding a yoga class in the shul and calling it kosher is really a major problem. My spiritual side was always uncomfortable, with it and thanks to your article, I understand why!

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. I have a question though for the rabbis and this is a very serious question so I hope you won't delete it. If the following exercises and positions which, I'm informing you now (!), are taught in yoga but, ALSO in most sports as part of pre- and/or post-exercise stretching (and be aware that some of them have a few variations - I won't list over here. Also, I'm ONLY going to list the ones that are found ALSO outside of yoga and I know them cuz I've done them so I'm talking from a place of experience), does it mean that we can't do them anymore AND, how are we ever going to dare to send our kids to the phys.ed classes or any sport classes ? Mission impossible ?? :

1. a REGular cross-legged position (Rabbi Gutman, the 'lotus position' you wrote about is not the only cross-legged position in yoga)
2. lying flat on your back
3. eye exercises (not very common)
4. neck rolls (most stretching sessions in any sport discipline start with these. Not mere coincidence)
5. headstands
6. shoulderstands
7. forward bends
8. backbend (aka bridge)
9. the plow (how to describe this one? lol - Google)
10. the wheel (remember when you were a kid ?)
11. backward bends
12. the split
13. spinal twist (runners! esp.)
14. the famous one-foot stand (in ballet, gymnastics etc)
15. the triangle aka lateral stretch
16. breathing exercises (pregant women beware)
17. child's pose (usually done after abs. Do these or "die". lol)
18. I'm sure there are probably more exercises

Know that yogi sometimes fast so, can't we fast anymore ?


Anonymous said...

Re "when a karate fighter gets to be a fifth degree black belt (very accomplished) he is taught to “call upon spirits” to help him with such acts as tamishewata (breaking bricks with his bare hand)." -- oh yeah ?, always ? (
Btw, does chassidic Dmitry Salita call upon spirits (chas ve'shalom)?

and let's imagine a karate participant doesn't want to "call upon spirits" do you think his trainer (unless he's a tyrant) is going to force him to ? and do you believe that this is the only mental conditioning technique in the world ? What if the says "shema yisrael!" ?

- Shmulik

Gutman said...

Shmlik, To my knowledge all of those positions that you mentioned are entirely physical, and therefore pose no problem whatsoever, UNLESS those exact positions are called yoga, tai chi, chi kung, or any other system that is rooted in idolatrous beliefs.
Almost always (except for the rare movements such as making the sign of a cross, or lotus posture) the physical movements are not spiritual, and can be done by anyone. It is the association with the religions and philosophies that are rooted in idolatry that causes the spiritual problems.
When a person becomes so wrapped up in any system, even a martial art, often he takes on their customs, clothing, diet, language, and so on. From that frame of mind, it is not difficult to also take on their spirits, powers, goals, and such. But obviously, it is not forbidden to learn self-defense.

RebNati said...

We can bypass all this!

WE ARE SO CLOSE NOW TO THE REDEMPTION! Can not you feel it sense it?

I believe that we can avoid all this,all this emotional energy and feeling could be directed to the correct place.

If we let's say do complete 100% t'shuvah and focus only on the truth. And by doing so come to realize that He and His Name are One! And say just one kreahat Shema with the same feeling and concentration and energy that we have put here today!

Wow were would it all be we could m'vatel all the paganism in our selves the the kelipa would expode like a starving homeless child that he is!
We would thus break the power of "all this" at it's root cause!


Let's look at the good/Truth to even focus on anything else than coming closer to Hashem at "this" time is wasting our time

WE have to "Hear" His call, "Remember" Our Brit, Our covenant with Hashem,

And but To "see" where we are in truth "this the picture in the post" it is clear where are "at the last gate" 50th and we are fastly approaching the point of no return.

A line in which if we choose to cross it we will really come to know what is Evil is!

Please wake up thake five minutes a day and just talk to Hashem about this problem and all the others of Am Israel and the world Please!

y said...

reb gutman, your piece is excellent. could you please in a new piece or here in comments, explain why 'tai chi' is not okay. i thought it was just slow excercises that help one's energy circulate better. in china, many elderly people do very well with this. is it possible to do 'tai chi' without the 'spiritual' connotations? thanks!

josh said...

Thank you very much.
I also am amazed by those who are strict with everything but claim that liquor with no hechsher can be merely 'approved' like Chivas and others.

Itzchak said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

In qigong, one tries to build life energy in the body through certain movements and through concentrating on the energy flow through the body. Qigong does not involve touching the thumb and forefinger to conserve energy; however, there is the idea that you are supposed to store the energy in a certain place below your navel. Someone saw a qigong master from a distance and said, your aura is pregnant!

I still don't know what to think of qigong. Let's say all we do is the movements and the concentration on energy, but don't combine it with a broader "qigong" lifestyle, but just think of the energy as some kind of life energy, like the nefesh level of the soul -- is this OK? After all, starting many hundreds of years ago, there have been tons of references to life energy in Jewish literature, especially kabbalistic and Chassidic sources. Some rabbis have prescribed exercises like imagining a holy light above your head radiating onto yourself.

R' Locks himself tells people to imagine their loved ones with sunlight shining on their faces -- a way of blessing them with light or energy.

So I still don't know what to do about qigong. Is it always a bad idea to do exercises that involve moving or building energy in the body? I know R' bar Tzadok thinks they're OK, but I'm just confused about what according to R' Locks is permissible or advisable.

Anonymous said...

this is a valuable dialogue in the comments section, thank you!

michelle said...

As a yoga teacher who stumbled across your article, I'd like to say first that I respect your viewpoint, but you are interpreting yoga as a religion and it is not. According to the Yoga Sutras, a collection of 196 aphorisms written down approximately 2500 years ago, the "eight-limbed path" of yoga outlines precepts for a philosophy (not an idolatrous religion) of right living.

The eight limbs are:

These eight steps act as guidelines on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life through our conduct, self-discipline, attention towards our health, and attention to the spiritual aspects of our nature. The eight limbs are as follows (and I give the Sanskrit terms for each, as Sanskrit is the language of yoga. Kindof like French is the language of ballet. Not idolatrous, just a standard that folks can use around the world to convey meaning effectively and efficiently):

1.Yamas – Ethical standards; moral observances for interactions with others, of which there are five to follow:
Ahimsa (Nonviolence)
Satya (Truthfulness)
Asteya (Non-stealing)
Brahmacharya (Wise use of your sexual energy & control of the senses)
Aparigraha (Non-accumulation, noncovetouseness)

2. Niyamas – Self-discipline and special observances; moral observances for interactions with yourself. Five to follow:
Saucha  (Cleanliness)
Samtosa  (Contentment)
Tapas (Austerities, practice)
Svadhyaya (Self-inquiry and study)
Isvarapranidhana (Surrender to Universal consciousness)

3. Asana - Postures (which is what most Westerners believe yoga is - just postures, but they are the tip of the iceberg) 
4. Pranayama – Breath control

These first four stages concentrate on refining our personalities, gaining mastery over the body, and developing an energetic awareness of ourselves, all of which prepares us for the next four steps of the journey, which deal with the senses, the mind and attaining a higher state of consciousness.

5. Pratyahara - Sensory inhibition, sense withdrawal - moving inwards, away from the distractions of the outside world
6. Dharana – Developing focus, concentration, necessary for properly mastering the next limb... 
7. Dhyana – Meditation, being keenly aware without focus 
8. Samadhi – Being at one with the Universe - G-d - Atman - The True Self etc.; transcendence of the small self; Bliss!

(Also, btw Tantra is not "sexual" yoga as you erroneously stated. Tantra is another branch of yoga that is less codified than Patanjali's eight limbed path' it acknowledges that ALL things in existence - everything we perceive in other words - are a manifestation of universal consciousness, and that we can find the path to the True Self through ANY or ALL things in existence. Sting's infamous lines about Tantra and sex were sadly misleading.)

Yoga teaches the practitioner compassion towards all, and the understanding that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are all connected. To each other. To everything. The underlying animating force of the universe is in all of us, and in all that we see. Yoga helps remove the veil of ignorance that obscures this understanding - the ignorance that causes such suffering in our world. It is a beneficial, compassionate and beautiful gift that has been passed down for thousands of years. When practiced with right-mindedness, it is NOT idolatry. It is a path to becoming a human being.

So, with great respect, before you begin commenting on the yogic path, actually talk to a yoga teacher who can further explain this very great force for positive energy in the world. We all want that, don't we, no matter what our religion? To make our world a better place. And we can only start with ourselves. Yoga is a proven way to do that.

Anonymous said...

this is worth checking out..

yaakov said...

michelle, are you jewish? your in depth knowledge of yoga as well as the 'higher' principles involved indicate a soul intent on ascending.

what would you say if i said that all the things you find meaningful in yoga actually exist in torah; and, for a jewish soul, hebrew and torah are the language of the soul (like french>ballet, sanskrit>yoga).

matityahu glazerson has a book called 'from hinduism back to judaism' which is very interesting.

i'm not a rav, but as one jewish soul to another (assuming you're jewish), for the sake of heaven, the torah, and all our ancestors, i sincerely invite you back to our Root, Source and Foundation.

i think it is significant that you took the time to write such a detailed response on a religious torah blog from israel.

reb gutman locks could give you some very good information as he knows much about eastern paths.

i'm not qualified to do the details; but, almost everything you stated about yoga. all the things which appear to draw you to it, to value it etc. all of that is not only found in torah, but for a jewish soul, on a much deeper, meaningful and vitality connected level. our rabbis for thousands of years have worked with this and continue to guide us.
on there is a series of articles by leah kohn about 'women in judaism' which gives in depth information about the great women and prophetic women in our tradition.

aryeh kaplan has a book: jewish meditation. reb nachman of breslov has many books, like'outpouring of the soul'.

all i ask is this: would you be willing to explore the possibilities of how your deep connection to yoga could be transformed and uplifted by a growing deep connection to the torah of H' and our ancestors?

i hope that rebs gutman and akiva could direct you to sources. and, i know there are observant jewish women in israel who have been down this road already. one is a well known writer on, what is her name?

r' david zeller z'l also wrote about his life, 'the soul of the story' i think. he was a frum hasid of r' shlomo carlebach and spent significant time in india.

you would enjoy his book.

all the best,

do you have a hebrew name? :)

yaakov said...

if you wish, you can correspond with me by contacting akiva on this blog. my intention in my own small way, is to mekarev any jew. to bring them closer, with help from H'.

yoga for beginners said...

Exercise is very important in person's life in order to be physically fit and have a good health. One of this exercise which help us to be physically fit is the yoga. Exercise is one of the best weapon also against illnesses and depression..

Anonymous said...

Please allow me to suggest that using more care in choosing the terminology in your messages might help people understand your viewpoint better.

For example, you write, "If the wine is open and accessible with others around, it's treif. If it's (not mevushal and) even picked up by someone not Shomer Shabbat, it's treif." However, since wine is the fermented juice of a fruit, unless you specifically adulterate it with a non-vegetable/fruit unkosher product, it cannot, by definition, be treif! Although it is quite difficult to find true "Yayin Nesech" today (since very few wines are actually produced and dedicated to a pagan deity), our sages decided to exclude from our usage "Stam Yayin", which according to the ancient standards would almost certainly not fall under the heading of "Yayin Nesech".

However, neither "Yayin Nesech" or "Stam Yayin" are treif; they are simply prohibited to us. The use of the word treif to describe any pure vegetable or fruit product is incorrect and misleading.

Another example of this would be calling uninspected lettuce treif. Lettuce with insects on it is not treif - just the insects are treif. Of course, if you cannot separate the two, then you are prohibited from eating the lettuce, but it is still not treif!

In the same way, " If the meat is transferred without a seal, it's treif" is also misleading. If the meat is transferred without a seal, it may or may not be treif, just as it may or may not be kosher and therefore it is prohibited. However, the lack of a seal certainly does not make the meat itself treif!

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent article. Yoga is from Hinduism which claims we are all god--the promise the serpent made to our first parents (B'resheet 3:5.) The evil one still pushes the same old lie.
Dave Hunt, a Christian writer who is a great friend of Israel and all Jews--and has exposed the myth of "Palestine" and anti-Semitism of the world's media--has with Tom McMahon produced a book on Yoga and the effects it has on the human psyche. I know from personal experience that everything in the book is true. A relation of mine who got involved in yoga has since been tormented by seeing demons. Hunt and McMahon write of such cases in their books as they have dealt with much with yoga practitioners.
Keep away from yoga, especially if you are Jewish. Satan has made it plain that he loathes all Jews. he's waged a three thousand plus years war against you, which he is about to lose once and for all. Anti-Semitism comes from him because he knows you are G-d's chosen people.
May He bless you all. But he won't if you meddle with the occult. Remember what happened to Shaul!
Shalom Aleichen to you all.
From a Zionist Goy! Check out Hunt's books. They'll really encourage you.

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